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  1. @liquidvx I had the same issue this morning and used the last line on the site: https://github.com/droidian-images/droidian#troubleshooting fastboot format:ext4 userdata Then I flashed again and it works. Kamera is not working. Greetings
  2. Hello, be aware everyone of the following issue: Yesterday I tried to check the GPS functionality with this: https://docs.ubports.com/de/latest/userguide/dailyuse/location.html I turned on WLAN, insert a SIM Card and connect the charging cable. 15 min the device was very hot and shut down. I had recognize it to late because I only looked the display. After that I let the device cool down and booted up again. Greetings
  3. Thanks for the guide and links. First and foremost, backup your "persist" partition. Better safe than sorry. Instructions are in other guides, Please, do not skip that step, there is no other way back to the vanilla persist partition. I did it this way on Ubuntu: First Backup install https://github.com/bkerler/edl # Ubuntu sudo apt install adb fastboot python3-dev python3-pip liblzma-dev git sudo apt purge modemmanager git clone https://github.com/bkerler/edl.git cd edl git submodule update --init --recursive sudo cp Drivers/51-edl.rules /etc/udev/rules.
  4. Hello community, I got my Pro1X last Friday and so let's go. Used https://gitlab.com/ubports/porting/community-ports/android11/fxtec-pro1x/fxtec-pro1x and it's working fine for me too. What's the best place to speak about UT ? On Ubports there is no subforum for Pro1X and on XDA don't happen anything. I wanna dive into Ubuntu Touch with the Pro1X:-) Greetings from Germany
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