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  1. I found and am using a tempered glass screen protector that fits the Pro1X: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07H9QSJK3/ The fit isn't perfect, but it's pretty good. The screen protected doesn't curve quite as much as the Pro1X so there are corners, but to me that's a positive; the tiny corners of the screen protector make it much easier to open and close. For the bottom, I am using an adhesive rubber sheet cut to shape. It works pretty well.
  2. Rather than necropost to an old thread, I solved the problem of both opening the Pro1X and it slipping out of my hands during use with the help of adhesive rubber feet. Highly effective, even if questionably aesthetic.
  3. Regarding the bugs, I'm in the process of joining ubports as a contributor to scratch my own itches and share the fixes.
  4. Index of /uploads/pro1x/ubuntu-touch (robinkirkman.com) There are some bugs, such as shutdown through the gui not actually shutting it down. ("sudo shutdown -h -P now" works in a terminal) Also the keymap is not right; it seems to assume the mappings on a standard US-English keyboard; the labels on the Pro1X disagree with the characters typed in some cases; it seems that the Pro1X function key doesn't do anything, so it's not possible to type a blackslash (Fn+P). Everything works over ssh.
  5. Regarding Ubuntu Touch as a phone, perhaps I can further specify that I do not expect to replace my existing phone, but instead to add to it. UT seems to me like a "linux tablet that also has a phone" experience. I'll customize it and see how it goes. I expect the Pro1X to be fun rather than utilitarian, and fun for me means experiments and breakage that won't fly for a primary communications device for someone with children.
  6. I was able to install and use Ubuntu Touch on my Pro1-X after locating the fastboot images on their development server: Jobs · UBports / Porting / Community Ports / android11 / Fxtec Pro1-X / fxtec-pro1x · GitLab. Unzip artifacts.zip for the most recent build, which will have out/boot.img and out/userdata.img. To install: unzip artifacts.zip cd out fastboot flash boot_a boot.img fastboot set_active a fastboot flash userdata userdata.img fastboot set_active a fastboot continue So far it's pretty decent. My intended use for the Pro1-X is pocket computer, not primary phone, and I don't t
  7. I received my Pro1-X and promptly managed to make it unbootable while messing around with the Ubuntu Touch installer. Where can I download the original stock firmware? Trying to use images for the Pro1 just made things worse. fastboot flashing works fine, but all the firmware I can find is for the Pro1.
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