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  1. netflix is not working on rooted devices https://techindroid.com/get-netflix-on-rooted-android-phone/
  2. i think we have to start with a other Point. I use the Phone since Friday with no Problems by making some longer Calls (1 Hour) and my phone rings everytime so no forwarding to the Voicebox. -> Phonecalls are working So i think the problem is to search in the type of Networks. i am located in Germany (Munich) and use Vodafone GSM/WCDMA/LTE With the Data Connection i have some Problems in the underground but this i have with every Phone. I have now made the change described here, And will test it the next days.
  3. today the first test outside with the mobile and the brightness will be adaptet. so everything is working by me. It is only the difference to the S7. I mean a Lux is a fixed unit, so i thing it has to be the same on both devices.
  4. I Installed the App "lightmeter" on my new Pro1X and my old S7. Both are near by on my Desk. As you can see in the Screen they have a huge Differenz on the Same Spot. In the IGG Diskussion i read other Users have the same problem, but at this point there where no Bugreport over this.
  5. same here but wifi is not so important then cellular. Sitting in Germany on my desk and the Phone switch the hole time between edge and LTE (use Vodafone). But i think at the moment i am reachable the hole time per Phone.
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