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  1. I think it depends on where you live. I've read that people in the UK/EUR have had better luck with service but for me in Utah it wasn't the greatest. I even tried 3 different providers (Boost, Mint, and Verizon) and all 3 had the same issues with drop calls or no reception up to a minute continuously on and off. When I was able to connect to a call the other line would tell me I sounded like crap. Good luck on finding a case for it. Hopefully someone on here who's working on 3D printing is able to start selling them on here. I can't remember which case I bought but I remember I had
  2. It's quite sad that only a select few have received their units. I regret buying one from eBay because I was still waiting for my order to be shipped out to me. After receiving the Fx Tech Pro1x from eBay I ended up selling it because it was super unreliable and for it to be my main phone, I can't have it not receive calls or texts because when you work at a hospital and take call, you need a device that's actually works! I've purchased items that I know I shouldn't but this one is my biggest regret and supporting a company that lies to their customers continuously is a disgrace.
  3. I hope your mother is doing well. Also I'm sorry your phone died during your situation. I ended up selling my pro 1x because I couldn't even get it to be reliable at all with 3 different types of cellular connections (Verizon, T-mobile and Mint mobile). After selling it, I ended up purchasing my first iPhone with the money I got from the sale. Why have pro 1x if it's unreliable especially when you need it during an emergency.
  4. I was shocked also 😳. But I was watching a few that were selling used/new and sold anywhere from $805-$950, heesh. But hopefully the person who purchased it from me enjoys it and if they feel comfortable doing the beta testing for better service or wait for FX to finally give everyone the update they deserve.
  5. Hopefully they can let you know and get you more information about the network or any updates that's part of FX. I loved typing on it and doing my emails. It was a great phone on wifi and shoot the battery is awesome. At the end of the day it got down to 30% and that's with 10 hours of screen usage watching videos and browsing the web. I was really impressed with it.
  6. Yeah I'm old phone is a Samsung s10e and I'm getting 4g/LTE with no issues. With the FX I was only getting perfect signal only using CDMA/EVDO auto setting but once I switch it global or CDMA/LTE it would drop about every 15-20 minutes and reconnect in less than a minute. When I emailed FX about this issue they said they are aware and trying to do a firmware update or try this beta testing firmware which I'm not to comfortable doing. I was hoping they had an update when they might fix this issue but with FX they never have a straight answer. If verizon wasn't taking away there 3g towers the
  7. Honestly I love it but when verizon shuts down the CDMA network then I'm screwed. I bought my phone on fx website so I already know I'm not gonna get my money back but I need to be honest about the phones issues for the future buyer. Seems like reading on here majority is experiencing the same issues as me. Fx as a company I wish them luck if they ever make another phone.
  8. The time has come for me to sell and get a more reliable phone. I do love texting/sending emails but where I live my connection is not great. Fx support did email me that they are trying to fix the connectivity with a firmware about but how soon will that take. It's a love/hate relationship with the phone. If all the bugs are fixed then I'll reconsider purchasing it again but right now back to my old phone 😞 https://www.ebay.com/itm/225142189554?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=6kQlNQXpRxq&sssrc=2051273&ssuid=6kQlNQXpRxq&var=&widget_ver=artemi
  9. I went into that setting and everything is greyed out and I'm unable to switch it on or off. If that's the setting that means the sim card from mint only uses VoLTE settings? Sorry im not tech savvy with phones. Maybe my phone has an connectivity issue or that's how fx pro 1x are at the moment
  10. Using the android setting only. I haven't tried the phone menu and if I used that is there a way to disable VoLTE on mint mobile sim card? Yeah it's super crazy at least for me when using VoLTE on Verizon.
  11. Finally got my Mint Mobile card a few days ago and boy that made my connectivity worse! I wasn't able to disable VoLTE with MINT and I believe that was causing my issues with calling someone and for them not hearing me. Because through Verizon I had that enabled, it did the same thing but once I disabled VoLTE the other line was finally able to hear me. I contacted Mint mobile and tried to guide me through how to activate, restart sim but still nothing. They are going to send me out a new sim card just incase but I highly doubt that's the issue because it worked perfectly fine in my un
  12. @Logan Are you having issues yet with Verizon in the US with delay callings and sms going out? I went back to my Verizon sim card after trialing out Mint Mobile which was 10x worse with connectivity especially when I wasn't able to disable VoLTE. With Verizon I have VoLTE disable and works better but when I activate it, it does not like it whatsoever.
  13. @EskeRahn @Rob. S. Has anyone notice if their camera after taking a photo makes a noise. Similar so a shutter sound and zoom in/out noise if you would to use an DSLR camera? I've notice that a little more when taking photos. Wasn't sure if it's do to my lose camera glue not holding it in place or if that's how the product is.
  14. If someone does have a 3D printer and is able to comfirm and make one, man I will definitely buy one because I also did the Huawei P20 Pro with adjustments and it was a no go. It kept the keyboard elevated and I wasn't comfortable with that happening.
  15. Thank you everyone! I'm deeply in love with my phone and want it to last forever 😄
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