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  1. i used the install script, no errors when running it - after reboot it just hangs at powered by android.
  2. i just tried to flash the sailfish rom - pro1x phone is stuck in the power by android screen/boot. i was going to try to download the other artifac zip file from ubuntu touch from the beginning of this forum - but the link doesn't work. is there a way to fix the boot process to boot into the sailfish os i have flashed to it?! i did used the flash.sh to do that. but didn't seem to work at all.
  3. so, after testing with stock android - same issue. not sure if its a fault with the phone or not compatible with verizon's network. sometimes the other person can hear and sometimes nothing
  4. to be honest - i don't remember. it did work with sms and voicemail. i'll have to go back to stock and test.
  5. i've switched the pro1x phone from stock android to lineage os 20. phone calls don't seem to work someimes. i can hear the other person but they can't hear me. wondering if anyone else has encounter the issue. also - on verzion. SMS/text works - sometimes it seems like they don't want to come thru, but a restart seems to fix the issue with text/sms.
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