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  1. I've filed a dispute with my bank and they denied it, I submitted an appeal and they still denied it. Do you have a copy of the documents/supporting info you sent to your bank? Could you anonymize it and provide me a copy to see how it compares to mine?
  2. "My phone works sometimes, all I have to do is install this app that fixes an inherent flaw in the OS and carry a black box with me everywhere I go."
  3. Except by the time I get mine it will barely have any value left. As there have been countless threads on here of connecitivity issues, broken promises related to OS development, Expansys having a backdoor deal and people getting phones in only two days from them as opposed to two years for people who actually backed it, perks not being fulfulled in their entirety, and setback after setback with no response from FxTec beyond canned marketing quotes. By the time this phone arrives it will be worthless, its chips were already obsolete when production started. It will be nowhere near the $800+ I
  4. It has now been almost a full year since I gave FXT my money through IGG. Delivery date has been pushed back so many times that I've resigned that it's never going to come. Since they're only just now shipping batch 1XXX and mine is 3XXX, at this rate I'll get my phone in about 10 years. My bank has denied my credit card dispute twice now even though FXT has refused to grant a refund twice and are constantly pushing back shipping dates and lying about when it will be ready. Is there any other course of action that can be take to get my money back that isn't "wait to get your phone then resell
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