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Found 2 results

  1. There is a forum section for pro1 but there doesn't seem to be section for pro1x. Shouldn't be there one? Or should we post pro1x related questions in pro1 forum and just use pro1x tag?
  2. Hi everyone, We now all have the option to report stuff. So help us all to keep the forum clean and please 🧹 Report it when you see spam or other unwanted content. 🧹 The conversion did not go smooth on all the spam, so I have 'just' manually been through all pages of all threads, and tried to weed out the missed spam. But it would be a miracle if I did not overlook something, so please report whatever junk you stumble upon. Add: Netman and SirBaconIII reported below that the Report option is not always easily visible, it appears at the top right of a po
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