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  1. So yes, device is not rooted but it is unlocked. It arrived like this, which was probably be needed anyway to put LOS. Anyway, so apps seems to misbehave, I believe, because of that. Could anyone check if either - front camera works during revolut app login process, face verification step - camera works in signal messanger when trying to make a photo from inside the signal app Both are failing for me, I would like to know if it is related to pro1x and LOS.
  2. Device came already rooted. Or at least is being detected as such by some apps. It seems to be good practice to unroot it, is it? How one can do that? There is official LOS on the device.
  3. Was it actually fixed? On pro1x we have the same issue.
  4. Thank you for finding that out. Donyoy know if those blobs are fixed in LOS or there are likely to be upgraded in future?
  5. Thank you for links. None of those actually seems elegant enough (first is unmaintained for 5 years already). Anyway, I waited 6 month for LOS before even booting my pro1x, so now looks like I will wait another months till it will be usable. As long as my old phone still works I don't mind :)
  6. Thank you both for checking that out. Where is the best place to report this problem? Fxtec/los/brave? This single problem is actually what stops me from moving from my old phone to pro1x. Nevertheless, even when fixed, I think it would be good to have an option to disable fingerprint reader as I never use it. Any idea where such feature request is best to be filled in? Fxtec/los?
  7. Isn't it a software specific problem? There is option to disable mic, disable camera, so why not disable fingerprint reader?
  8. Hello, I would like to completely disable fingerprint reader. How can I do it? I am getting very inconvenient experience caused by fingerprint reader, which appears to be a bug. To reproduce do the following. 20230420 official lineageos build. (may be optional) remove saved fingerprint creds open youtube inside web browser (in my case it's chromium brave) play any video, ensure it runs in web browser and not youtube app (myself I do not have the app installed) when watching video lightly touch fingerprint reader each time that happens video restarts for me
  9. There is a forum section for pro1 but there doesn't seem to be section for pro1x. Shouldn't be there one? Or should we post pro1x related questions in pro1 forum and just use pro1x tag?
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