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Hi everone,

After watching the forum closely almost since the first day it's time to participate..


Is there a chance that the Pro1 will be able to serve as a Host via USB OTG? Nothing mentioned in specs, but i dearly loved that function in my old E7.

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Since USB Type-C provides power through the connection, it can in theory function work as USB OTG. I think it's more about what kind of devices the operating system allows you to attach into the phone and if there is a proper software layer to connect into such device.


From my understanding, USB OTG was pretty much a special style of USB connection where there were pins dedicated for the connection enabling you to attach devices not commonly (during that era) used with a phone. These kinds of dedicated pins do not exists in a modern standard, but unlike previously, USB-C provides power through the connection.

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USB host functionality is pretty much standard on today's phones. At least the last few I had could take devices with no issues, provided you got them plugged in though an adapter. Android supports many things out of the box. Mass storage, audio, input as keyboard, mouse, gamepads, etc.

Perhaps it's not even as common as I think, but the phones I had recently were Snapdragon devices as well, so it's very likely ot work on the Pro1.


You probably won't get real USB-OTG... though I think that's kinda of deprecated and next to impossible to get cables for nowadays.

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