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  1. I would not trust IGG-campaign as a way to get parts. If FxTec support recommends to buy third party official screens it really does not strike confidence that those would be delivered anytime soon through the IGG. They would sell their parts through their official store if they were capable of doing so. At least that's my two cents.
  2. It was more about that I did not receive what I ordered. They could have left the tools as well out of the box and that would have not mattered that much in practice, but it's about a principle. AliExpress resolved the dispute by returning 12 Euros back to me, which I accepted. I will probably try to install the screen this weekend.
  3. I am not a glue expert, but how hard is it to remove the screen again when using pattex? Phone has slipped from my hand a couple of times already when taking it out of my pocket, so I bought one screen in reserve when I noticed them being in sale. And I do live in the Nordics where temperature differences are wild, so temperature resistance should be decent as well. EDIT: Here it seems that most phone repair accessories sell B-7000 glue. Not sure how good it is or what's the difference. It seems that Pattex Gel version is only sold in biggers jars here and other versions are liquid
  4. Fxtect support responded within like a week to my questions: But I had already bought the screen mentioned before. It actually arrived in a month, just yesterday. Seller did not include glue strips from which I did open a dispute, since that's something they advertised to be included. In typical fashion, seller did not even understand what the dispute was about. "We sent you a right screen". It's about a principle anyway even if the glue is crap. What glue do you recommend? EDIT: I also sent a question about the glue to fxtec support. Let's see if they have anything to a
  5. Managed to crack my screen as well. I also contacted fxtec support, but we'll see how long it takes for them to respond. Any suggestions where to buy a replacement which is willing to ship in Europe?
  6. We have very high end 3D-printing facilities in our University, which students can use. Has anyone tested out some models which could be production ready? Not that I am experienced 3D-printer, but this might be a good starting point to learn when you have some already validated models to use 🙂
  7. From what I have noticed, the side without the second arm is not as firmly fit (or because the upper part is supported by the other arm) and that's why the clacking happens. For me, when the keyboard is open in landscape upper left corner is completely still, but right corner is able to move just a little to make clacking noise. For me it seems like that the fit between the bolt holding the arm in the screen and arm in the base could be more finely tuned or the second arm should also exist in the bottom to generate more pressure to keep the screen balanced. Since the spring really do
  8. Got my phone on Monday, but I have been super busy. Just now I have started to set it up. Tbh, I am little surprised that it even arrived 😄
  9. Probably a combination of all with different weightings on each: Type of device, receiving country, payment date, order date. I didn't put too much weighting on actual payment date since I paid almost immediately when I got a notice. I would doubt that they base it completely on exact timing of payment. Even though it's probably easier to do. For example if 2 people paid during same business week, I would assume that some other metrics are taken into consideration than exact payment timing. Loosely based on the conversations with the support, I think I would have gotten my device earlier
  10. Interesting. My pre-order was placed on June 25th. Maybe it's even smaller batch than I anticipated or they made a really small batch of QWERTZ and the rest are normal QWERTY. Or they haven't allocated all devices yet (I wouldn't keep my hopes up though). In some of the previous cases allocation has gone over a couple of days. I would double check inbox + trash since website's Order Status has never been up to date until the device is actually shipped.
  11. Based on the Tracking number thread. Atleast a few QWERTZ devices have been allocated for distribution today (mine included). In general, it would make sense that the rest of the pre-ordered QWERTZ devices were now made in this small batch. I assume that there were not too many of those left whom did not have their QWERTZ device yet. Maybe some later pre-orders were still not made, but at the same time they need to order certain amount of parts and I would assume that they would use all of them (i.e. they do not order [as an example] 87 keyboards, but 100 since that's the smallest batch that t
  12. Got a notification 4 hours ago. QWERTZ for me as well. : ) Maybe it's late April's Fools. It's not the first time when fxtec has been late with things.
  13. Xperia X Compact is a different story since it's based on the same socket as other Xperia Xs (Snapdragon 650). XA2 are using Snapdragon 630. As I am not an expert on porting I'm not sure, but as I have understood, the socket is pretty much the most time consuming part of the porting process (i.e. fixing the compability bugs). Alien Davik is however closed source and Jolla has done some tinkering into it for the latest Android kernels. Android support for community devices has been in discussion multiple times, but so far we have not heard anything concrete. Best effort was and idea that som
  14. Linus made a video about the phone on his new channel. Camera quality probably the most significant negative.
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