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  1. That's a Github organization which contains repositories, each pretty much required for phone to run properly and they usually take care of different things on the phone. Repositories are ordered by modification date, and you can see which one has received changes lately. Repositories contain issue -trackers (https://github.com/sailfish-on-fxtecpro1/<REPOSITORYNAMEHERE>/issues) where developers (or porters in this case) can add discussion and notifications on what is left to be done or what bugs they have encountered. Sometimes there are pull request (https://github.com/sailfish-on-fxtecpro1/<REPOSITORYNAMEHERE>/pulls) which are incoming work where developer request feedback/review from others. Sometimes organizations also contain projects which further can help you to track down the progress and see what people are working on. They include Kanvases and other simple project management tools. However, if you are not a developer, these won't generally tell you much. In general Github / Git is kinda advanced topic to touch on.
  2. I think I placed an order 25th and it was then mentioned to be still valid (if I remember correctly, it was supposed to end within a week either 26th, 27th or 30th). Though I wasn't able to find a post that mentions a specific date that it ended. However Waxberry still mentioined about it within a week of my order. And I scanned through Facebook and Twitter and there is not specific mention that this offer did expire at that time (i.e. no "This is the last day to order to get these nice bonuses").
  3. Forgot to add that you can track the progress of the port here: https://github.com/sailfish-on-fxtecpro1
  4. In general I think the official version seems unlikely (atleast currently). Jolla has mentioned that they will release some of their plans about future devices SoonTM (Currently almost all devices with official support are in EOL, so you cannot really buy them reliably). Though having a good community port would not hurt the efforts of a future official support. Or maybe if there is enough interest, people could revive efforts to bring SFdroid / Anbox to the device.
  5. Hopefully the real benefit is having the product in the first place. Without pre-orders this product would not exist. As I have said many times, delays are extremely bad for small companies like this. Every delay piles up costs, without giving you anything in return. I would not be surprised, if they are already in net negative with Pro1, but hopefully not. You should not expect any compensation before fxtec can reliably move units all the time, atleast not anything of monetary value. Maybe they can offer for example a free keyboard replacement (for example for different language) later on, but now we have to get to that point.
  6. I think for the special characters (@,", etc) are quite alright with their placements. It does not matter much, since the direction of your hand movement will be similar anyway. Only thing that might make it harder at start, is that you must remember to use different modifier than what you are used to with a normal keyboard. Eske's idea of stacked Ä + Æ and Ö + Ø seem fine to me. As a programmer, looking at the keyboard with spreaded brackets all over the keyboard (I also hate that on normal Windows keyboard. OSX does it really well, when all the brackets are under 8 and 9, accessible with different modifiers), pains my soul, but does not really matter in the end ;) Would love to order the keyboard atleast for my phone (since disassembling it didn't seem impossible). I doubt I will be ordering a second one. For now atleast.
  7. Maemo.org member did a short Q&A with Michał Szczepaniak about State of the port For those who cannot read the forum: To spare you all some time i did a short Q&A with Michał and here is a wrap up: Only the second camera on back seems to be a real challenge not doable without reinventing the whole feature eg. "implement own algorithm to use it for that stupid effect." But Selfi camera works as Chen tested on usual suspect subjects wifi kinda works but not fully nfc works dualsim works sensors are working i recall. one unit latest had it working on froscon. iirc they are a little bit buggy aka not always working making sensors stable and gps working is on todo list and totally doable it has 4.4 kernel getting anbox to work should be piece of cake i think it will be pretty stable to use and possible anbox so android app support Currently not fully working or no information: fingerprint won't work until jolla opensource it external display might be challenging i can't say anything about battery life cause i have prototype not final device gps is not working iirc Bluetooth is buggy video playing is not working but thats fixable on screen keyboard doesn't show up after bootup you need to open and close keyboard
  8. Chenliangchen will be presenting the F(x)tec Pro1 running SailfishOS at FrOSCon 2019!
  9. Security and confidentiality focus on constant updates and keeping yourself a head of the curve. Having these features be implemented by third parties is good idea, because that's their whole business plan, their key motivator for them to do better than the rest. If these companies fail to deliver believable security and confidentiality, they are essentially dead. And if you really want to be sure, use something open source. I would keep first party software at bare minimum (i.e. non-existent) and focus on improving the landscape experience of Pro1 and platform support. It's just not a wise idea.
  10. I went with QWERTZ, which is fine I guess. Better than the original QWERTY for sure. Though, I'm more annoyed about the german names for Ctrl etc than other things. But yeah, not a big deal either.
  11. More updates by Adam during this week. Switching between virtual and hardware keyboard: Operational camera:
  12. A few more pictures / updates about the port by Adam Pigg: WLAN: Bluetooth:
  13. Szczepaniak comments that it is indeed unofficial port. Even though if it might be really high quality and even work better than some of the official ports, lack of Android support is still unfortunate. Maybe Jolla will step in if this creates enough fuss. Seems unlikely though. EDIT: but I have to say that Sailfish looks damn good on that screen ;)
  14. In Jolla's Askbot, there was a comment about a few Sailfish community members being part of creating Pro1. Of course, this is nothing definite yet, but atleast there is some hope ;)
  15. Yep, I just mentioned Whatsapp since it's one of common ones. Not that I use many apps myself, but even having the chance of being able to download Android app if ever needed one is really important and the key point I was trying to make. No problem. It was fast and fun trip to memory lane. Though some things are maybe little too oversimplified, but I wanted to keep it "compact". Depends. I usually use my phone one-handed (which is one of the things where Swipe UI excels on, since you are less likely to reach opposite (="far") corners like in Android or iOS) and only when I really would love to have a keyboard is when I type Terminal (since Sailfish is Linux based, it has terminal like interface like normal Linux would) or when I have to type something longer than couple of words. So for a normal user it would give more flexibility and screen estate when needed. There was a community keyboard addon for original Jolla 1 -phone which became very popular (compared to the size of the ecosystem). I did not personally buy it, but I heard good things. You can look into kickstarter project here. Those users would probably be more descriptive about the different use cases, but in practice you could bind any bash-script to a button to do different tasks. Since Sailfish is based on Linux, there are many possibilities for those who are knowledgeable.
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