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  1. If the tracking doesn't show any issues, you'll probably be fine... or notice when it's time to go through the customs. As for me, nothing changed yet.
  2. Update: Nothing happened. Status is still as before and FedEx did not react to me sending stuff their way either. Not sure at which point I should panic. I've heard customs being slow often, but I have pretty much no experience on my own there. I did not contact FedEx yet as I assume they'll just tell me it's handled by customs and there's nothing to do right now. Anything happen to anyone who had their stuff held up as well so far?
  3. Thanks, support (or maybe it was you who knows) just came back to me and provided me with an invoice I could use. Do you still want me to email you? I was gonna forward pretty much everything I got from FedEx, assuming you could step in and resolve the situation, but that won't be necessary now it seems. Edit: I did send the stuff to FedEx Germany now for what it's worth. Let's see if that status will change from that.
  4. In my case, FedEx Germany wants some proof of the declared value/invoice stating I paid the exact amount as declared. I cannot simply say the value is correct, but I lack proof of the declared value as well of course. They also want me to allow them to handle customs in my name, no indication of pre-paid customs fees anywhere, though I'm not sure where I'm supposed to look. I only have very shallow knowledge of this, but I think in Germany I really need to have the price I paid declared and won't get away with shenanigans as explaining what Erik told us here. F(x)tec Support isn't responding within 24 hours anymore either it appears. Current status on the tracking page is just "clearance delay" ...which after googling could mean many things, including customs just being slow or them waiting for me to fix my shit. It does say "no action required", though I do have that mail that came much earlier than this status.
  5. On the same plane then. As it turns out, it still traveled a bit further than I expected when getting that email. Current status for mine is "ready for clearance". Would be cool if it just went through tho.
  6. At least I got contacted by FedEx Germany, saying Koeln/Bonn in the footer of the mail. Tracking still said NARITA-SHI JP when I wrote the post... but now it's indeed in ROISSY CHARLES DE GAULLE CEDEX. So that's just me assuming wrong things on that part. So it's in France instead. Doesn't help much as the documents appear to be not 100% correct and I have honestly no clue how to handle this properly on my own. Edit: Now it's Köln. Curious if they're gonna hold it here.
  7. My phone is Germany now, but held hostage at customs. I hope support will respond fast, because I think something was screwed up here.
  8. F(x)tec assigning stock across pre-orders as fair as possible (2020, colorized) (I'm pretty happy with what I got, but we can still poke some fun, right?) Edit: I did not intend to have the post here, rather than the meme thread, but it happened and is here now. Don't take this too seriously.
  9. Got the email as everyone else here, IGG, QWERTZ EU 12XXX, checks out. But my order status is still "Processing"... really hope that's nothing to be worried about at this point.
  10. Any particular reason? Or is that just IdeaLTE's hacky solution getting in the way? Any signs of Fx being interested into bringing these improvements to the stock rom yet? Not even sure if it still sounds reasonable at this point, but I'd kind of prefer to just run stock on my device once I have it. Seems like I'd be missing out on more and more by doing so, however. I appreciate the work you're putting into this either way. Thank you!
  11. Is the 12 minute limit in 4k a real world issue? Ignoring that the video quality ain't all that great to justify recording in 4k, if the next file is written without a hitch or interruption, stringing the files together without re-encoding on a PC is a pretty simple. Or keep some internal space free and record to there once it's supported in the future, I guess. I won't believe if you're gonna tell me you want to juggle around these large recordings without any further processing done on them later on.
  12. Dispatch could mean to customers, as all units are sent straight from Hong Kong this time around. They'll likely leave the factory on the way to Hong Kong on the 18th, on which they obviously have to be done making them already.
  13. Hm. Assuming just putting "PAGE_UP" on there instead of "fallback PAGE_UP" doesn't work... I've seen a "replace" keyword in one of the vendor kcm files in the android source tree. That's not documented, but perhaps "replace PAGE_UP" would work? Just theorizing however. I don't have any practical experience with fiddling with these.
  14. Regarding key character map functionality, take a look at the documentation if you haven't yet: https://source.android.com/devices/input/key-character-map-files I don't see the issue of doing fn+digit in theory reading this, but perhaps it doesn't work that well in practice?
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