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  1. While my phone is still somewhere in limbo, I was running Kiwi Browser on it. I use Vivaldi on desktop, but let's be honest, the Android version is pretty much nothing yet, even after all the years of having that in the works.
  2. You can always disable Magisk/root by flashing the original boot image from recovery. Substratum can't break the system without the root access and doesn't write to /system to begin with to my knowledge (unless legacy mode, but I don't think that applies to Pie?).
  3. What I remember always reading is that it's modular in the sense of being on a separate board which can be swapped if the USB port really breaks. I'm not exactly sure what kind of modular USB port they should've used. I guess I can imagine one, but they need to be able to source that stuff from somewhere.
  4. All of that makes sense to me. It might not be obvious at first but you have to take in account how Magisk operates. The OTA will only update a clean boot image (it's a delta update, so it wouldn't work even if it let you). So you have Magisk uninstall restore the old one. Uninstalling Magisk means having an unpatched boot image. That is what Magisk is. Due to how Magisk operates, this change will only apply to a running system after rebooting, so root persists until then. This is good since now the boot image is clean and can be updated but there's still root to read the boot partition and patch again it without external flashing. Okay, the parts with fingerprints missing and no real update completion dialog does not make sense, but I guess that stuff happens. Edit: Oh and then there's also the A/B slots that get switched around, so there's that. Almost forgot about those.
  5. Regarding SafetyNet I'm not entirely sure but I get the feeling that keeping an older Android version doesn't mean you'll be fine. I only have very surface level understanding, but while the key attestation is not fully enforced yet across the board, served sided checks and Play Services updates should bring it to older devices all the same. The server side check will prevent any modded Play Services to get around this. And since the data is signed by the hardware that you have no control over at all... yeah, good night.
  6. Magisk will not be able to hide the open bootloader state from SafetyNet anymore in the near future, see: So everything is screwed either way then. You not using apps locking you out don't matter enough for anything to change (but it somehow matters enough to lock you out). You doing exactly the same things on your PC where you do have power is fine. Nothing makes sense these days.
  7. Oddly specific task that needs automation... Tasker? I wish I was paid for mentioning it so often, but it would be able to do this (force rotation, set auto-rotate, active app as condition), pretty sure. Maybe other automation apps as well, but I have no experience with them (and only very little with Tasker to be fair).
  8. I tried that one before I sent my unit to Fx. It kinda worked, but I got constant clicking noises over the headphone port from that instead, regardless of the app or even in silence. Maybe speakers too but I couldn't hear them there at the very least. Probably could've been configured to work fine or maybe I did something wrong, not sure.
  9. Audio crackling can easily be reproduced by running an application using OpenSL ES. As for examples, VLC can be set to use in the settings, mpv for Android uses it by default. AAudio also crackles iirc, but I can't name an example app from the top of my head right now. Supposedly related to Snapdragon audio power saving stuff. And apparently plugging something into USB does remove the crackle somehow, but I haven't had the chance to confirm this on my own unit yet. Question is if this is worth getting into since the last OTA (the "next" before pulled one) was supposed to have this fixed on stock... which kind of didn't happen, admittedly. I guess you don't do much with audio on your test device? I find it hard to believe to not come across this at least in one app sooner or later. It's pretty much the biggest remaining gripe I have left with the Pro1, personally.
  10. It's nice that things are moving again... but curious what happened to fixing the audio crackling for good? I thought that was a done deal when it was announced to be part of the next OTA? Apart from the now fixed keyboard, that's my biggest gripe with the Pro1 right now. Sure this isn't the complete next OTA yet perhaps, but have they truly fixed it or not? If so, why would it be held back from this? I may sound a bit sound mad here but I'm really just wondering what happened to that.
  11. It just stays silent. Still generates logs and silently fails launching there, though. I'm using that side-effect to make use of the camera button via Tasker this way. The process is easily reversible (do "pm install" instead of "pm uninstall"), though I guess if you get rid of a truly essential system app it could break something... I used this post as reference when I did it. I don't have my phone with me right now, but there's only one app pre-installed that has "camera" in its package name, fully written out, if I remember correctly. How to get ADB to work is not explained there, but there are quite a few guides if you do need that again. Frankly, they're probably all explaining it better than I could.
  12. You can try to uninstall the Snapdragon Camera app via ADB. This only uninstalls the app for the user, so it's not really gone and does not require root. This will prevent anything from launching when pressing the camera button, but the executable responsible for launching it is still active... so question is if listening to camera button events work or that launcher is hogging the key too much still. Tasker for example doesn't have its Camera Button event triggered, even with Snapdragon Camera out of the picture.
  13. Are you sure the settings are exactly the same on both devices? Not like, the Pro1 set to OpenGLES 3 while the Samsung is set to Vulkan? What Samsung phone are we even talking about? I know you said it should be the same SoC... but still, which Samsung model? I kinda wish my phone was here so I could provide my own numbers. Guess that'll have to wait.
  14. I'm just guessing off of my experience with them and what I read around here and the Discord server. With the customs stuff I've racked up 10+ responses from them and I'm fairly certain on the weekend part at the very least. Regarding reaction I'm not expecting them to have my device, but just acknowledge that they've noted I sent it to them (just like they asked me to tell them when I do that) as well as answer questions that came along with that. I'm not trying to rush them here, but just wanted to give a frame of reference to anonim.
  15. I wouldn't worry too much about it. Support generally doesn't respond on weekends and in my experience, Fridays aren't the most responsive days either. For what it's worth, I've also sent my phone their way and had them have a tracking link Wednesday evening. No further response to that as well. Not worried myself, but you're not alone with this.
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