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  1. Received tracking number for #54XXX, QWERTZ, paid May 7th 2020. Yay!* *Feeling confused? Just poking fun. This was a replacement order for my phone that got lost in transit to Fx for a repair back in February. They've been nice enough to let me skip the queue on it, but it still took a while as you can see.
  2. Now the issue is that a lot of the vendor stuff would probably be taken 1:1 from the current OS where possible, so the dodgy sound config for example would likely persist on a fancy new Android version. Can't even tell what I'd want a newer Android version for... maybe for the dark mode, but that's it.
  3. I thought they got rid of the vignetting in an update very early on?
  4. Ignoring the part how this shouldn't be happening in the first place, I suppose it should be possible to adb uninstall adups ("uninstalls" for the user account, easily reversible), keep an eye open in the community for update releases and only then get it back running to do the update. That's the best I can come up with if everything else fails and you still want stock.
  5. On the bright side, as far as my understanding goes, the crackling can be patched without having Google to certify the new version (only needs to happen for security patch levels). So let's hope they can get to that now. Long overdue anyways, considering how often they put gaming into the spotlight on the Twitter account.
  6. No. This a userdebug build (which shouldn't really be on shipped devices, but eh), so it's not certified by Google. But it seems like an official update just came out (finally!) that should fix this issue. I don't have a Pro1 myself right now, so I don't know if you can just update from this build to the new certified or have to reflash completely, but either way you should be able to get Safetynet working on this device with the right OS version.
  7. I'm honestly not sure how you read his post and came to this conclusion. He pretty much said that secure boot is nothing to worry about since its status cannot be read from Android so it can't be a factor of locking you out. With that being said, can't you get in contact with the person who is responsible for corporate environment? Surely they'd know a bit better than just "yeah, because not locked". As far as states that could be read out from an app go, it's almost definitely Safetynet anyways. Recent devices were shipped with test OS builds for some reason as Eske mentioned, but I'd actually be surprised if you could just re-lock the bootloader while that is installed... perhaps it is signed properly still (but not Google certified). Either way I keep being shocked how some people don't even give if it a couple days after waiting so long to receive the device. I'd suggest trying a full reset with the official OS images available on the forums and see what happens at least.
  8. Is that just disabling the maximum attempts or something different? Because that limit is part of Google's security requirements for fingerprint readers. Might not be able to make it to stock depending on how he did it.
  9. Are you on stock? Keyboard Out certainly worked when I had my Pro1, but I've last seen it in February. Netman's keyboard driver on stock shouldn't have affected this at all, but I suppose the Lineage keyboard changes went pretty far and could possibly have broken that state, no idea.
  10. I don't know the Pro1's behavior and don't have one right now to check, but in my experience, a really long power button hold tends to do a hard shutdown on many devices, so that doesn't sound out of the ordinary to me. Easy to check for yourself though.
  11. March 2021 is their crowdfunding target date. And take those with a bit more than just a grain of salt. Not all Cosmo Communicator backers have their device yet either (though they have shipped more devices than Fx if you want to compare that). Hardware development is rarely smooth sailing. I'm fairly sure there will at least be a couple of more Pro1s shipped until then.
  12. They have another issue: They're totally dependent on IdeaLTE to actually build the OS for them. They certainly can tell them what to integrate (as happened with netman's keyboard driver), but they might not even have the entire source code of the stock OS image themselves. I don't know their contracts or conditions, but if I were them, I'd put some effort in moving the build environment and required keys to sign the stuff to myself if possible. I doubt this is without hurdles in practice, however. Also, still pending Google certification for the updated security patch level. They probably could still build for the one they previously used, though. Unless there's restriction on that... sounds dumb but you never know.
  13. My unit came with damaged keys, really minor except for the V key missing the top right corner. Overall not quite as bad as having the unit get lost in transit when sending back afterwards. Does that count as permanent?
  14. To be fair, the last status we had is that they're waiting for certification from "the authority" (read: Google). Not having that was the very reason that update was botched (apparently this needs to be done for every security patch level). Don't ask me how this makes the system any more secure with all the vendor binaries that don't need this, though.
  15. The issues you're talking about should be fixed in OTA update 2020-03-06. I have not had my Pro1 for almost 2 months now so I can't confirm myself, but from what I've read it should be fine now. There have been two keyboard driver programming efforts from the community already, one of which ended up in the official system update (dunno which though). You can also install Lineage if you want, which has had keyboard fixes for even longer already.
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