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Incorrect initial orientation on power up

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When I power up the device with keyboard opened, screen orientation is not in landscape.


  1. Lock in landscape is already set on keyboard open.
  2. Device is powered off
  3. Open keyboard
  4. Power up
  5. Enter Pin
  6. Let boot complete
  7. Layout will be in portrait
  8. Lifting up the device in landscape will change display orientation, but moving it in as portrait will change display in portrait.
  9. Close keyboard, device will continue to change display orientation as expected.
  10. Open keyboard again, orientation lock is in effect.

Build: QX1000_EEA_20200106110245

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Confirmed ADD: Partly



Tested with AutoRotate OFF, and Slider setting "Landscape orientation lock" On

confirmed /w Stock QuickStep  launcher

confirmed /w Apex Launcher Classic

(Tried with password nor PIN)

I then tried with Nova Launcher, that did not do it.

But the really odd thing is that afterwards, it does not do it with either of the two other launchers despite may attempts???

And yes I have control with what is running and the same apps are killed, including the inactive launcher after switch.


I then tried with a deeper boot, holding the power button for 7 secs, and the issue did NOT reappear...????

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Does *not* happen here.  Could that be launcher specific?  I an using Launch Time.  I also do not have auto-rotate on.  Don't know what else might be a variable here.

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