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  1. I believe you have the same issue that I ran into. There is a somewhat thick plastic over those buttons (or tack switches) on the frame behind those buttons, this plastic is adjusting the height so that outside buttons can press on those the tack switches. For me, the black plastic is gone for the both volume buttons and I destroyed the camera button to the point that it is unusable 😞. I was able to put two layers of electrical tape over these (one layer was enough, but a bit too thin). This hack works, but now I have to press them harder to make them work. One precaution I can
  2. My take on this, is their staff are on other projects and rather than sending an update, that many of us saw this was more of an non-update, they may have saw that and just delayed it until something substantial was to be shared.
  3. I am no longer sure for which one, but there are two microphones, one at the bottom and one on the back, near the camera. This rubber is for one of the two.
  4. It could also be contacts for a I²C bus...
  5. Hmmm, I hope it's just that the tracking number you received is not correct, for me the destination was correct. Maybe @Casey could shed some light on this ?
  6. I ordered mine on April 14 and received it on the 20th. It was delivered by FedEx to Canada. Did you get a tracking number ?
  7. Hi @Casey, If I may... I too would like to order a new battery for the Pro1, I replied a few days ago after a few months from my initial inquiry. Ticket ID #17277. Thank you in advance.
  8. Interesting indeed. I have something that maybe related to share, I wasn't sure what to think of it before... For a while I'm now using magnetic USB C connector and cable and since then I did not have any charging issue on both my Pro1 and my Pro1X. By the number of contacts, I expect only USB 2.0 signaling is supported (just like the included charger). I am not sure what is really different except that connection is generally instant rather than relatively slow to reach all contacts.
  9. Great information here. I wish I had avoided the quick charge on my Pro1... I was wondering if anyone confirmed that the battery in the Pro1X is the same as in the Pro1 ? I wish to order it from IG, if it fits. I was also wondering if someone has ordered and received it lately ?
  10. Interesting indeed, but what's puzzling to me is how much the OS is managing charging nowadays... I feel it should be less, but huh... progress I guess...
  11. Pick your poison, basically. One is a master to convince you that everything is great. The other is little bit more honest in my opinion.
  12. Hi, I was charging without any issues for about a month until the charging bug occurred again. When it did last week, after a reboot I was able to charge it, but every time I plugged it in the next time, it wouldn't charge again before a reboot. I tried to shut it down for about 2 minutes, the problem came back after the next charging cycle. Shut it down for 10 minutes, same thing. But after I shut it down for about 40 minutes, I can charge it for the last few days without an issue. I too didn't find any pattern on when this occurs, but I was wondering if something in hardware i
  13. Hi, It has been a few weeks without the charging issue, since I shutdown the device for a few minutes. I never shut in down normally, but one day it had many small issues at once, no fix on GPS, bluetooth not responding and disabled by itself, android auto didn't connect at all. By trying to reboot the thing, I mistakenly shut it down, but started it immediatly. At that time still no joy. Later, realising that I always keep it powered on, I shut it down for a few minutes and then I had no more charging issues for at least the last few weeks, same for my other issues. I wou
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