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Auto-capitalisation on physical keyboard

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On 7/31/2020 at 5:52 PM, ToniCipriani said:

when most apps just end up forcing you back into portrait.

Yes using the wrong apps!  I can only think of two apps I use regularly that force portait.  One of this is a solitaire card game and I play it one handed touchscreen so no need for keyboard, and the other is google hangouts and it is indeed very annoying when it forces portrait in some screns... to the point I installed 3rd party app to keep it from rotating back portrait on me.  Every other app that I want to use keyboard for is fine landscape... obviously browser and email apps, plus chat programs like discord/riot/telegram... games like supertrux, supertuxkart, rvgl, sonic cd, retroarch emulator and every other keyboard game I've tried, terminal... dosbox... settingsmenu...   the more I type, I think I'm gunna go look in my app drawer and see if I have any othe rportrait only apps at all...

edit: so I do have a few, and they're all fast-food restaurant apps.


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59 minutes ago, Craig said:

edit: so I do have a few, and they're all fast-food restaurant apps

Last I checked reddit app didn't do landscape. Yesterday while on a call I wanted to switch to speaker phone and remembering my Nokia E7 reflexes I opened up the keyboard with little hope it would automatically switch to speaker. It didn't and the phone app is stuck in landscape while on a call. I wonder if there are third-party phone apps that would support that.

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