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Hi Guys

Just want to ask, i recently bought another pro1 from a user

It doesnt have the sticker on the back, so firstly i dont know serial number\

secondly what implications it would have?


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16 minutes ago, Jacob_S said:

The serial number should also be on the sticker on the back of the box, have you looked there?

Nope, no S/N number on the box.  There is a serial number on the device, though it isn't the same as on the sticker.  The sticker serial number is actually a number that identifies either what sequence the device is in manufacturing or in assignment to shipping.  There is no consequence of not having it that I can tell and curiously, I have been told F(x) Tec has no means of retrieving that number.  I asked.  Which means they make no record of device numbers and who they are assigned to.

I don't believe you need that number for any warranty issues.

I don't have mine-- it wore off before I realized it would wear off and I didn't record it.  😄  Which is why I asked them if they could retrieve it.

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Just a quick tip for anyone in future.

If you go to Settings -> About Phone and tap "Device Name" it allows you to edit that text so you could tag the serial No. onto the end of the device name.

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