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  1. I am not sure if that information is useful at all, but I recently had the Google Photo app causing overheating and battery drain on my Priv. So maybe there currently is some problem with synchronisation of Google Apps in general?
  2. I recently contacted support because I hadn't recieved the update mails and they wrote that part of the staff is already at the factory again. There might still be problems with recieving components from suppliers and obviously they cannot produce at full output, but at least it seems like something is going further a bit :)
  3. Already mentioned and linked one page earlier ;)
  4. Yeah, would be awesome if a surprise mail with the tracking details came in ;) But I rather don't count on it and prepare myself for a few more weeks of waiting time.
  5. I am not sure which message you are referring to. But on Twitter F(x)tec answered to people, that asked about the availability of the phone, that they can order, but that it needs 4-6 weeks until it arrives because they will fulfill their preorders first. Also the latest reported payment date of somebody who recieved their stock assigned message (if you don't count in the IGG coupon orders) was around 20th of August from 1(!) person in the Netherlands if I remember correctly. So as most of us probably paid right after recieving their payment mail in the time from 31st of July to 1st of August you paid rather late and thus are probably in the 30% that are going to be fulfilled after the Chinese New Year. I still don't see from where you pull your accusation that orders are being shipped. Btw. I paid on 2nd of August for my QWERTZ-preorder and also didn't get stock assigned.
  6. Where do you see normal orders delivered?
  7. Isn't it just for nothing if you refund now? I do get the frustration about the delays and lack of communication, but I don't really understand why you would drop out after such a long time. Does one or two months more really still matter at that point? Especially as they are shipping now. Slowly, but they are.
  8. Then you probably were until that batch was shrunk by the light leaking issue. I suppose you should be in the third batch now.
  9. I have to admit I didn't scroll that far back... just checked the last few recent photos ;) By the way I don't mind the cutouts, I just found it remarkable that they were covered in the photos. But thanks for pointing out that that only applies for the latest ones. Although I still think they did it on purpose for better aestethics.
  10. Did you all notice that on every of those advertisement posts on their official twitter some fingers are blocking the view to the keyboard cutouts? I begin to wonder if the fingers are included in the device. https://mobile.twitter.com/thefxtec/status/1191784773796147200/photo/1
  11. One had to fill a form to change the order to QWERTZ layout when that became available. If you didn't do so, you should be getting QWERTY regardless of your location. But if you write them a mail as EskeRahn suggested, you are going to be on the safe side.
  12. @waxberry : Now that the test production has finished and (apart from the misplaced raises) looks fine, can you already tell if QWERTZ will ship at the same time as QWERTY? I wouldn't really mind if it will later, I'd just like to know as you said you are trying to achieve this. And as the limited offer for headphones/case expires soon (or already expired?) and the release is coming nearer I think it would be good if you could give us some more information on how the orders for QWERTZ will work. When and where can preorders be changed? And when will the option for QWERTZ layout be added on the preorder page? By the way you could also change the text in the FAQ regarding keyboard layouts on the preorder page so it gives a hint that QWERTZ is already on the way.
  13. Is it possible to disable autocorrect? On the Motorola Milestone (2) it was possible to have the suggestions displayed but not have them inserted automatically. That is something I would consider important for a keyboard phone. On the BlackBerry PRIV you can't turn autocorrect off and it happens to me a lot that I have to rewrite words that were correct but the software didn't know.
  14. Oh and as there are some here that seem to be unhappy with ~ printed on n, I should maybe add that (of ° and ~) tilde would be the symbol I could relinquish easier. But the degree symbol is something I would really like to have printed.
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