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  1. Yes, warranty case. Took 5 months. They had warned me beforehand that it might take longer because of the lockdown, but I didn't expect it to be that long.
  2. I assume that further repairs will happen faster as long as there is not another full lockdown in Great Britain. I just asked for a warranty extension. Let's see what the answer will be. (Even though I think I wouldn't be allowed to share it here.)
  3. They finally answered. My phone is on the way back to me now 🙂
  4. Mine was recieved by them mid June and back in the middle of August, when I asked for an update, they also talked about 1-2 weeks. Then 6 weeks later, when I asked again, they said it is queued for service. I sent another mail a week ago, to which I have no answer so far.
  5. The SIM card tray also makes a sound when shaking the phone, so one also has to put a finger on there 😉
  6. This thread is about a different problem, but I think the answers there might be helpful for you as well.
  7. I have sent in a QWERTZ device for repair/exchange in June. Back in August they said something about 1-2 weeks until I should recieve tracking details. To my follow up eMail a few days ago they now only said that I am queued for service. But they answered really quickly, so not sure what's going wrong in the communication with @d.
  8. The numbers are assigned in order, but they are not directly subsequent. That topic has been discussed several times already in the unbelievably long thread "On production status and delivery" (I think it was renamed recently, just look for the longest thread, if you are interested).
  9. Here is the corresponding thread
  10. Easy solution: Get a new house, a new girlfriend and a new work.
  11. There somebody told about having the same problem.
  12. The serial number should also be on the sticker on the back of the box, have you looked there?
  13. April this year or last year? 😉
  14. Feels like they are really getting screwed by their manufacturer. At least it sounds like the factory blocked the delivery of more phones, because they took so long to produce them, that the original contract expired.
  15. Mine was recieved on the 15th of June and also still nothing. So it might still take longer for you.
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