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  1. By uninstalling Fxservice. But basically it is enough if you turn off accessibility services. Maybe you have some other apps using them? Or another possible cause: Under Settings>System>Language and Input>Language you can set the system language. But there is a seperate option under Settings>System>Language and Input>Physical Keyboard>Builtin Keyboard, that manages the keyboard outputs. It has to be set to German for the outputs to match the print of the QWERTZ model.
  2. What symbols do you get, if you try to type the Umlauts? I had the problem, that I had Fxservice installed on LineageOS 18.1, which triggered the bug with accessibilty services and prevented the German layout to be used. So instead I was getting [ and similar symbols instead. Could that be your problem?
  3. Correct me, if I'm wrong, but isn't it expected, that the device doesn't show up under adb devices as soon as you rebooted into fastboot mode? At least it was that way for me today and I was still able to flash the latest Lineage version. Didn't have to unlock the bootloader as I did that previously, but the instruction here https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/pro1/install only uses adb to get to fastboot mode and continues with fastboot commands.
  4. This forum has a search function. Entering "fingerprint reader" returns the above thread as well as at least one other. That said, according to the answers in the linked thread, it seems to be a hardware issue.
  5. What later device is there? I'm not deep in the topic of linux on phones, so I don't know any recent developments in that regard. Or is this just cynicism not based on facts?
  6. Turns out, they indeed had answered within a week and my mail provider had apparently decided, that I don't want to recieve some emails already before my inbox limit was fully reached. I sent them an inquiry recently and they answered within nine days. So I guess if anyone doesn't get an answer for more than two weeks, they should just try again. Also my phone was already repaired in July, so they were almost right with their initial projection of how long the repair process would take. Only took one month longer, which is kinda good for their standards :D
  7. Within a specific messenger or generally? And do you mean that the on-screen emoji selection doesn't even come up while you are using the physical keyboard? Or would you just want to use the keyboard directly to select emojis from there?
  8. I contacted them about a month ago. I still have no answer, but that could also be my fault, as last week my inbox was full. Now I'm very unsure about what to do. If they answered right during that time, then a follow-up mail asking them to resend theirs would be a good thing. If they didn't, then said mail would just send me back to the end of the queue, which in that case seems to be very long.
  9. See you in 5 months then :D
  10. In those cases, did you also get one part of the picture focused and the other blurry? Because the picture of @agent008looks more like what me and some others were experiencing. And that is apparently caused by some hardware defect in the camera module. In other threads a misaligned lens or problems with the stabilizer were named as possible causes. Or am I just misjudging the sharpness within the picture? Looking at it closer, the left side also seems blurry. Maybe it was only seeming to be stronger on the right side, where it's darker.
  11. Had I known it was that easy to fix, I wouldn't have sent my phone in back then. But good to see, that it can be solved at home.
  12. Unfortunately I cannot tell anything new. My phone has been at F(x)tec for about a month now and I expect it to still be there for a while.
  13. Yup, that is exactly what mine was/is doing as well :/
  14. Sorry, just joking. What is it and who is you?
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