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  1. My phone also started having ghost touches a few days ago. Of course, that was about two weeks after my warranty period ended.
  2. Most likely Expansys mislabeled. FedEx did the same when delivering my Pro1 to me after it was repaired at F(x)tec. Which leads to the annoying situation, that despite being the importer, you can not influence the customs process. Basically, FedEx was holding my package hostage and threatening to send it back, if I don't agree to them taking care of the customs process and paying them for it.
  3. To add some information: I have a original Pro1 (no X) with LineageOS 18.1 (didn't have time to update to 19 yet) and I have been using Nova Launcher on it for a long time now. A few days ago I experienced the issue you're describing for the first time. I suspect it could be related to the fact, that I recently I updated a bunch of apps via Playstore, including some Google Apps, that work quite deep in the system, e.g. Device Health Services, Google and Digital Wellbeing.
  4. Citing from the disassembly guide (https://github.com/imax9000/fxtec-pro1-teardown): When inserting phone body into back casing, insert the edge with buttons first, then push the rest in. Starting from any other edge is a sure way to shear those buttons off. (Guess how I know this... I assume, that's what happened here.
  5. As you need to have it ready in two weeks, the Pro1 would only be an option for you, if you can find an offer for a used one somewhere. The Pro1X has not even started shipping yet.
  6. Are you talking about a problem with a computer game in a forum dedicated to a specific phone? o.O Anyway, you might wanna try Windows+Shift+Arrow Key (left or right depending which screen the program is open on), that should move it to the other monitor.
  7. LineageOS has sticky shift, so there it works as you would want. Sadly the same is not true for the yellow arrow modifier for the symbols.
  8. In the hope that it might lead to them fixing their inbox system at some point, I'd suggest you to use keywords as "urgently" or "as soon as possible" in your emails. I have the feeling that mentioning them gets messages to be prioritised. At least I suddenly got answers within a day to such an email... I kinda feel bad for even mentioning it. But on the other hand their communication sucks so much, that I deem it acceptable.
  9. Interesting, so there actually is a bug relating the volume. Apologies to @Joey for assuming the error was on your side.
  10. For me this appears regularly after the phone went to Energy Saving Mode (I have the setting active, that it automatically does that below 15% remaining charge). The same with the issue of some apps not being able to use the internet, even though in others it works (described in the AICP thread). That also happens while Energy Saving Mode is active and persists even when the phone is recharged afterwards. So from my experience I would have suspected Energy Saving Mode as the culprit. But as some here seem to observe the same issue(s) without it, it maybe really is about heavy usage c
  11. This thread might be related to the touch issue you're describing. The rest of what you're mentioning is not really related to the Pro1 I think. The OS installed is basically pure Android 9 (with a few bugs and missing functionalities for this particular phone). You say, you didn't have DND on, but still didn't receive any notifications. Never heard anyone else here describe this problem, so are you sure, you didn't just have your notification/call sound level on 0? And about not being able to close apps: If you cannot figure out, how the gesture navigation (present in all late
  12. I think I actually have the same/a similar problem on LineageOS 18.1 Edit: Observed it so far on Google Maps and the app "MVG Fahrinfo" (for public transport in Munich) and I think on a few more apps, which I currently cannot recall. But everytime it happened, it was only concerning some apps and was fixed by a reboot.
  13. By uninstalling Fxservice. But basically it is enough if you turn off accessibility services. Maybe you have some other apps using them? Or another possible cause: Under Settings>System>Language and Input>Language you can set the system language. But there is a seperate option under Settings>System>Language and Input>Physical Keyboard>Builtin Keyboard, that manages the keyboard outputs. It has to be set to German for the outputs to match the print of the QWERTZ model.
  14. What symbols do you get, if you try to type the Umlauts? I had the problem, that I had Fxservice installed on LineageOS 18.1, which triggered the bug with accessibilty services and prevented the German layout to be used. So instead I was getting [ and similar symbols instead. Could that be your problem?
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