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Fxtec Pro1 vs Samsung Z Fold2

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Sort of stuck at home now, closed roads due to latest events in Israel, so decided to write this short comparsion.

tldr: Pro1 is a better phone, ZFold2 is better tablet for media consumption
Why do I got ZFold2?
Early begining of the COVID pandemic, I'm on my way to the airport, on business critical conference call.. got reboot. Back to the call, many apologies for sudden interruption.. and it reboots again :( 
Ordered dual-sim iPhone same day.
Due to rarity of HK/CN iPhones in Israel, got really good deal few months later on switching to ZFold2 (we all love shiny toys)
Let's compare.. 
Both phones are kinda bad. Both screens on ZFold2 are with weird aspect ratio, so many of the apps can't scale propertly. Color accuracy is bad on both phones, Pro1 is slightly better. 
I know many would disagree with me, but I prefer Pro1's camera. It's grainy, it's slow in low light, but the pictures comes with only slight oversaturation and contrast. ZFold is a mess, sometimes you get so oversaturated pictures, that you want to unsee them, and sometimes it almost monochrome or sepia. Yes, you can shoot RAW in PRO mode, still oversaturated, and what's the point of spending 5-20min on color correction for casual cellphone picture..
ZFold2 is better, never seen 5G reception yet, but for LTE, it just better.
Battery Life:
Both phones are good, no complaints.
ZFold2 got bad ergonomics as a phone, it's heavy and bulky, but it is super convenient for travel, less things to carry, less expenses on roaming.  Pro1 is almost like regular phone, little bit bulkier due to keyboard :) handy when you need to work/type on the go, standing on the bus, or blindtyping under the table. Worth mentioning shifted keyboard and fingerprint location on Pro1, those are things that takes time to get used to.
Not seeing any difference. I think, my complaints about performance ended somewhere around Xperia X with SD660. Or maybe there's too much bloatware on Samsung :)
Desktop Mode:
Dex is probably the best solution currently. On Pro1 most stable option for me is mirroring with SecondScreen to change DPI. Tried other options, played with Taskbar, sometimes it works, sometimes it does weird stuff and you need to reboot the phone.
NFC reception is better on ZFold2
Pro1 got notification light, useful during conferences, if we are gettng out of Zoom.
ZFold2 is not as fragile as people might think, dropped it, not even a scratch.
Waiting for part from Fxtec, and switching back to Pro1.
If anyone got any questions, feel free to ask.
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14 hours ago, ddark-il said:

.....Or maybe there's too much bloatware on Samsung 🙂

(In all fairness it should be said that the Samsung bloat can be disabled without rooting through ADB from a PC, a bit cumbersome but possible, see e.g. this)

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1 hour ago, OKSun said:

What is your typing experience on the Zfold? Price is also not the same...

Typing is okay. It's too tide in closed form, and separated layout of virtual keyboard is also not the best thing. If I need typing something more than an SMS/WA/TG, I'm using external keyboard.
Price is kinda similar, if you're looking on ebay. But I wouldn't recommend buying ZFold, it's not worth it.


16 minutes ago, EskeRahn said:

(In all fairness it should be said that the Samsung bloat can be disabled without rooting through ADB from a PC, a bit cumbersome but possible, see e.g. this)

Yes, but it's not that I'm running virtual machines on the phone. Even with the bloatware, the performance is totally sufficient for my needs.

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