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  1. VoLTE works for me on official nightly, weird since there were issues on stock
  2. That's the fun of unlocked bootloader, you're not limited by Android
  3. Desktop mode not working, or its me with my weird hardware ?
  4. You can use Whatsapp Business for second sim, it's basically same app with few additional features.
  5. Don't think so. In my case I was never connected to WiFi, during the reboot. The theory with energy spike causing reboot seems more plausible, I have dual-sim with multiple mail and messenger accounts always syncing.
  6. Iā€™m probably a minority here, but I prefer the stock camera over GCam, and even over the latest iPhone in some situations. GCam oversaturates the image and iPhone smoothing some details. In case of stock camera, you can post process the image the way you like it.
  7. It still can be network related, it's not that I was in bad reception area.. coverage is good there, but still got restarts.
  8. It is known bug on few devices. I got wierd way to replicate it - it always reboots on specific train. Already sent bugreport data to Waxberry. If it's too annoyingfor you, you can revert to OTA version before SafetyNet(can't remember the exact build, but it was ~8MB), it still reboots, but much less.
  9. Are you using it dual sim? Does it happened in low reception/coverage area? Do you got some of Google Apps disabled? Do you got some app that frequently checks location? --- Those are just guesses..
  10. Anyone got random reboots after the certification update? Thought that it was related to locking the bootloader, unlocked it, but still got them. Tried disabling multiple apps, no difference.
  11. I'm using #shotonfxtec on twitter there also those two, that I took after vignette update https://postimg.cc/7JhBx7hj https://postimg.cc/FkkjWx7F You are free to use those shots
  12. Switches are greyed out šŸ˜ž
  13. Israel: Pelephone - LTE/WCDMA network (No VoLTE) Partner (ex Orange) - Global network (No VoLTE) Need to try the mule method. Roaming at Netherlands worked flawlessly for both SIMs, can't remember the networks.
  14. That was literally the case šŸ˜…
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