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  1. Played with that, doesn't seems to change anything.
  2. I see it on both apps, hope that you're right, and it's only a software calibration issue, other than that the camera quality is really good.
  3. Here is my take on the phone http://talk.maemo.com/showpost.php?p=1562461&postcount=2849
  4. Settings -> Connected Devices -> Gear Icon -> Disable HD audio: Qualcomm... Tell me if it works
  5. Unable to enable "Shutter Sound" within Stock Camera App
  6. Don't panic 😃 Currently it's only one sample size, might be anything. Maybe I'm holding it wrong.
  7. Anyone was able to test screen mirroring, tried both DisplayPort and HDMI over type C - no result, or more like phone responds with lagging when it’s connected to external display
  8. Not sure about this one, but I think it need to be checked - AptX HD is not working with wh1000xm3, got no other headphones to confirm it that it’s a software issue
  9. Another notification here. No Idea if it's EU or Asia fulfillment center, I'm right in the middle(Israel)
  10. On other side, video shows you that it's not some faceless corporation, and that co-founders are super passionate about the product and heavily involved in the whole manufacturing/testing/shipping process.
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