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  1. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07K7G2JY7 There is a little bit of difficulty with opening/closing slider due to high "tooth" at the lower part, but it's not unmanageable. Big pro is that it's adjustable and sturdy enough that you can type on it.
  2. Keep in mind that you'll need to format it with FAT32. exFAT is not supported. If you plan to switch the card between camera and a phone, probably you'll be stuck because of lack of exFAT support. If your use case is only with the phone - take the cheapest one (from reputable Brand/Store, there are many fake cards from China)
  3. Anyone got issues with Bluetooth? Got behavior similar to lack of AptX on Official Firmware, when connecting to Android Auto.
  4. Typing is okay. It's too tide in closed form, and separated layout of virtual keyboard is also not the best thing. If I need typing something more than an SMS/WA/TG, I'm using external keyboard. Price is kinda similar, if you're looking on ebay. But I wouldn't recommend buying ZFold, it's not worth it. Yes, but it's not that I'm running virtual machines on the phone. Even with the bloatware, the performance is totally sufficient for my needs.
  5. Sort of stuck at home now, closed roads due to latest events in Israel, so decided to write this short comparsion. tldr: Pro1 is a better phone, ZFold2 is better tablet for media consumption Why do I got ZFold2? Early begining of the COVID pandemic, I'm on my way to the airport, on business critical conference call.. got reboot. Back to the call, many apologies for sudden interruption.. and it reboots again :( Ordered dual-sim iPhone same day. Due to rarity of HK/CN iPhones in Israel, got really good deal few months later on switching to Z
  6. Played around with latest build and this article. Works as expected, and totally usable as desktop mode.
  7. ddark-il

    Pro1 Just died.

    Bad advice. There is a small connector on display part that can be damaged during the disassembly..
  8. VoLTE works for me on official nightly, weird since there were issues on stock
  9. That's the fun of unlocked bootloader, you're not limited by Android
  10. Desktop mode not working, or its me with my weird hardware ?
  11. You can use Whatsapp Business for second sim, it's basically same app with few additional features.
  12. Don't think so. In my case I was never connected to WiFi, during the reboot. The theory with energy spike causing reboot seems more plausible, I have dual-sim with multiple mail and messenger accounts always syncing.
  13. I’m probably a minority here, but I prefer the stock camera over GCam, and even over the latest iPhone in some situations. GCam oversaturates the image and iPhone smoothing some details. In case of stock camera, you can post process the image the way you like it.
  14. It still can be network related, it's not that I was in bad reception area.. coverage is good there, but still got restarts.
  15. It is known bug on few devices. I got wierd way to replicate it - it always reboots on specific train. Already sent bugreport data to Waxberry. If it's too annoyingfor you, you can revert to OTA version before SafetyNet(can't remember the exact build, but it was ~8MB), it still reboots, but much less.
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