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  1. @Rob. S. maybe this is of interest? as you have the most delayed qwertz order of this forum (more than a year) if I understood well, and a great amount of patience
  2. Under stock, when I longpress on the square, nothing happens. One quick press, and I enter the recent app view. The other steps as in my previous post.
  3. Thanks. It helped. The following works for me 1) Press on the square symbol to see the different running apps. 2) Press on the symbol of the app and select a "split screen" 3) Repat 2) for second app.
  4. I have opted for total launcher as the stock launcher was too limited. Is there still the possibility to do multi tasking with split screen? If yes how? Do you use another app for splitting the screen? which one? Thanks
  5. Next to the cost, one important issue is the speed at which fx tec is able to repair a defect under warranty. I hope for you this goes smoothly i.e. quickly!
  6. Thanks. I also got official confirmation from fx support (within 24 hours!)
  7. I noticed that we can select the color of the frame on the indiegogo page, so there is an option "black" as well. Before I proceed with the order, I wanted to get confirmation that this frame fits the pro1 as well. Does it?
  8. Would you have a picture to help understand the problem? I am using swiftkey without issue (but with bluemail).
  9. Jacob_S DieBruine, Thanks for sharing. Did I understand correctly: these are warranty cases? 6 months for repair? Can you please clarify?
  10. Thanks. I had also understood that this screen assembly is better. I am still a bit puzzled by this technical bundle offer. I think it should not be considered as an alternative to a repair within reasonable delays during the two years waranty.
  11. Is the current tech bundle worth it for pro 1 owner? Do they sell the whole upper part (not only the replacement screen)? Will replacement screen not be available in the future? What about battery: is it worth to already purchase a replacement one now? How long can these replacement parts be stored?
  12. Wifi calling. I guess you are not using the stock android. As far as I know they have not fixed the issue in the stock android software (which is one reason why some users have been selling their pro one on this forum). So it might be an idea to fix it?
  13. Did fx tec order sufficient stock of replacement screen to ensure a rapid replacement?
  14. Thanks. My suggestion would be then to open a thread / a file with a list of apps which do not work on Lineage, so customer can make a informed decision and avoid bad surprises? What does our forum moderator think?
  15. The problem is that this lack of guarantee is a big obstacle to the investment in a pro1 - X (which is not the cheapest phone on the market). Imho, fxtec needs to develop a better answer there...
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