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  1. Yes I was also wondering about this. From the current text of the website, I understand that they still intend to sell QWERTZ in the future, but it would be interesting to get confirmation. Or are they already collector items?
  2. I was scared about that one too when I read the forum. As recommended by the community I used the app app edge null. I set border with portrait to 23 and border with landscape to 21. With that I had zero accidental touch on android stock from the beginning (and I do not use a case). I also activated the features to "detect edged swipes" which means you can still use the edges when you do a swipe move. I still manage to use the margin to scroll through contacts, applists. Not an issue for me.
  3. I acknowledge and respect the above experience. Just want to share that so far my experience has been more positive as I only set up the pro 1 recently: I benefited from the updated software, and from the tips of the community (Thread below). I am not a phone expert, but I could follow the advices which solve many of the problems listed above. Even using android stock, I am quite happy with the experience.
  4. I guess you also tested different cables.
  5. I do not have this problem after the update. My different chargers work and deliver different levels of mA consistently (stock Android). Hope it helps.
  6. So am I... No problem yet, but i started using the device only later. So will see. It could be that we were part of the same batch as the ones of January, December (in terms of screen). Manufacturing had just been stopped due to Chinese New Year and then Corona lock down in China.
  7. Sorry to hear that. It seems you received your phone in May. So the problem seems to concern not only the screens of devices from December and January. Are you in the Qwertz batch? It seems interesting information as FxTec / their manufacturer can crosscheck with the various batches of screens they have received from supplier for production,
  8. in my case, the update seems to have really fixed the issue related to the "Wifi signal lost => phone crashing". In the past days, I have switched off my second wifi access point and connected directly to the router only (to test). Previously the phone would crash within 30 seconds due to loss of wifi signal. in the past days, not a single crash (as they promised). What surprises me is that now the wifi signal reception on the phone is constant, even in the most remote room (without the second wifi access point). It seems that the signal reception has improved (or is it the weathe
  9. For info (as the above on fingerprint is a bit scary for potential customers): I did not have to re-enter my fingerprint after this update. It still works. I guess the reason is that I only recently set up the fingerprint (in the previous stock version) and I did not experience the early bugs of the first stocks (February-June).
  10. Here are some alternative solutions (a bit more expensive, and more like a work around) But might be worth considering: My carrier offers the option of a second SIM with same number for a second phone. I tested and it did not really work for SMS and WhatsApp... Just for calls... So I ended up with another solution: call forwarding on a second number/phone (pre paid). There is an app that works great for SMS & whatsapp forwarding.
  11. Do we have somewhere the link to the exact item on aliexpress? Here:
  12. Some of you (like me) might be used to the external SD card appearing as separate drive on their laptop when connecting the phone. There is also the option to use it as adoptable internal memory. Please find some information on how to select the right option for you when you are asked the question by your phone: https://www.androidcentral.com/adoptable-storage I copy this in this thread as I wish I had known this from the beginning. Been looking desperately for my external SD card although I had probably selected it as internal drive... Then removed it and lost some of t
  13. There are two apps for system update, The following worked for me. settings > apps & notifications right hand corner three dots > show system scroll to wireless update (there are two) Storage clear cache, clear sorage (you might want to go progressively: just clear the cache only first. In my case it was not enough) Repeat for the other one It solves the settings option not appearing. I do not have the long press issue (under stock).
  14. Good tip, thanks. I used the small part that you have to cut (Note 10 too wide) to stick on the sides of the keyboard. Reduces the likelihood of letting the unit fall when clacking open.
  15. Thanks. I have been adding my points in the file.
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