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  1. What is the source of the info? Did I miss any official communication on this?
  2. What is your typing experience on the Zfold? Price is also not the same...
  3. I was hoping that the delivery date was automatically updated for all the perks, and that FxTec would clarify that the screen will be delivered in April or May nevertheless... Unless I hear something different from them, I will go with your explanation: FxTec is keeping costs low. We will see if I experience the problem as well.... In reply to @Rob. S.. Thanks. I respect your choices; myself I am not going to buy a heat gun now that I ordered a screen with frame. This is getting too complex for me. And I am not going to buy another phone to bridge the gap. I would then totally
  4. Thanks for keeping us updated. This is interesting. I had ordered a spare display during the latest indiegogo campaign to be able to react without delay to such a situation (I guess I will face the same situation as the others from the batch soon...). I ordered display with frame because I do not feel able to play with a heat gun. Now I see that the delivery date for the display has also been postponed to August 2021. What is the reason for the postponement? I understand the delay for the Pro 1 X due to the Chip issue, but why a delay for the display?? The reason for this post
  5. @_DW_DW_ Yes, I am also interested to hear about your typing experience on the fold 2. And a side by side picture would also be very cool, if you have the time.
  6. I agree that a clarification by Fxtec on what to expect as android user would be useful. What I had understood so far is that Fxtec and their subcontractor do not bother fixing the android bugs in the current version, but go straight to the next android version??? But now that I am thinking about it, it was probably just a forum user speculation. Or am I wrong? Does any of you remember an official communication on the software issue? When can we expect an update?
  7. Is one of you an owner of a galaxy fold2 or a microsoft duo? I would be interested to see it side by side with the pro1.
  8. Thanks for sharing. Now that Fxtec has repaired a few devices with this problem, do we know more about the cause? Is it just a failure of the display or is it some failure caused by the proximity with other components (design failure)?
  9. Thanks. Next time I have the issue I will capture the screen and post here. Meeting participants mentioned that my video was green and that I looked like a kiwi...The videos from the other Google meet participants were fine, also on my pro1 screen. Just wanted to post the issue on the forum, so we can track if other users experience this as well.
  10. Yes exactly. So a camera issue. I use pocophone port as recommended by some users in this forum
  11. I used yesterday the pro1 for a video call using Google meet. My image / video was green. Anyone experienced this? My guess is that it is a light intensity issue. It was night and I was using the light of the room situated on the wall behind the phone screen. So my face was well illuminated. Not sure where the green video is coming from? I use stock android.
  12. Some colleagues also told me on Sunday and yesterday that they cannot hear me well on whatsapp over wifi (slider open or closed). They could hear me fine when I plugged my headphones. On the other hand today the phone is working normal again (slider closed and open). I did a phone shutdown in between... Maybe that helped?!
  13. Yes it is frustrating that we cannot adjust the call volume. What was the explanation for this? Is it a hardware or software issue? Did any of you manage to solve this? I have been trying to use a headset with dedicated volume key, but probably not the correct type, since pressing the volume key down, does not have any impact - volume remains high (under android stock).
  14. @Rob. S. maybe this is of interest? as you have the most delayed qwertz order of this forum (more than a year) if I understood well, and a great amount of patience
  15. Under stock, when I longpress on the square, nothing happens. One quick press, and I enter the recent app view. The other steps as in my previous post.
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