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PRO1, Dual boot

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2 hours ago, Ivaylo Hubanov said:

Is it possible to dual boot Ubuntu Touch and Android?

If yes, is there good guide to follow?

Not as of yet.  It is being worked on for the Pro1X, although it may not be available at release.  Hopefully, the same solution will become available for the Pro1, but no one official has said that specifically.

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As @hook said there is no official way.  But someone has managed to write a guide on how to do it I've not used my self though this is for lineage not android but I assume you could just use that image if you wanted.



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Now that the first deliveries of the Pro1-X might be only a few weeks away, I was wondering if anyone who reads this forum has any more information about dual booting on the Pro1-X?

I am an early backer and asked for Ubuntu Touch to be pre-installed, but my requirements have changed since then. I will need to reflash to Lineage, but if a viable multi-boot option is on the way I would go down that route instead.

P.S. Perhaps someone could tag this thread with the "dual-boot" tag?

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In that thread already linked above, @Zahkc and @order#10248 explained how the a/b partitioning scheme of the (original) Pro1 can be used for dual-booting UbuntuTouch and LineageOS. As the procedure is pretty generic, I suspect this might work with any a/b device.

The major usability issue I see with such a setup (without ever trying it out) is that upgrades -- necessarily -- must be tricky, and that data sharing between the two OS's can be cumbersome as both use app confinement and fight about file ownerships.

If your use case has changed toward requiring Android compatibility, I would advise you to give up on UbuntuTouch altogether. Technically, there is nothing UbuntuTouch can do that LineageOS can't, including running GNU/Linux software. Of course, there may be more "philosophical" reasons to continue to support UBPorts... 😉

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