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Update soft F (x) tec pro 1 (2019)

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Merry Christmas! I am coming to you with this topic because you have the following problems: soft update F (x) tec pro 1 (version 2019). Why update: security level 05.04.2020 (in a few days we enter 2022), android update 9  android 10 (at least).It is an 800 euro phone, not 1 euro, in value.And how toninstall the Linux for this phone? As a main phone I have Ulefone Armor 12 5G (bought on 1.10.2021, cost 300 euros) android 11 specifications, quad camera, 48 mpx, the last update was yesterday 26.12.2021 (security level). Put the bone to work starting with 03.01 .2022, it's a shame to throw away this phone. Happy New Year!

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Stock Android has been severely neglected on the Pro1. That said, the device has been designed for being used with alternative ROMs right from the start, and there are official versions of LineageOS (LOS) 18.1 (which is what I'm using) and Android Ice Cold Project (AICP) available for the Pro1 which are mature and do get weekly updates.

Here's a thread (best read through it, it's not too long) that details how to install custom ROMs LOS or AICP if maximum compatibility to the stock Android experience (including running most safety-conscious apps) is the goal:

Regarding Linux, there's some information here in this forum on how to install Ubuntu Touch (see https://community.fxtec.com/search/?&q="Ubuntu Touch"&search_and_or=or&sortby=relevancy), but from what I've read it's still far from being perfect. Fxtec's own efforts regarding Ubuntu Touch have been concentrating on the Pro1 X lately (which has been offered with Ubuntu Touch preinstalled), so nobody really knows whether us Pro1 users will still profit from that in any way after the Pro1 X hardware had to become different from the Pro1.


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