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Various ROMs available to the Pro1/Pro1X available for download, Links

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This is intended as a central entry point with links to known ROMs for the PRO1/PRO1X.

You will need android adb / fastboot tools that officially can be found here (Windows / Linux / mAc)

Important step BEFORE changing from Android initially!!

If you want to ever be able to change the phone back to the state it had when you received it with stock Android, there is an important step that is needed before flashing any non android-based ROM, That is to backup the persist partition.

If the device is unlocked and a recovery boot is present a fairly simple partition backup method (for Windows / Linux / mAc) can be found here.

If the device is locked @mosen has kindly made a comprehensive guide here, though Linux only. That's whether device is locked or not.
We have not (yet?) got a guide for Windows / mAc for locked devices, but until then see this post. (The suggestion with fastboot unfortunately does NOT work on neither the Pro1 nor the Pro1X though, so most likely we will need edl to do it),

@steeb have reported that the detection of the Keyboard open/close on the Pro1X is gone when switching back to Stock after using the early UT ROM without this step!!.


Pro1 (2019, Snapdragon 835):

(I even see more Pro1 community builds being mentioned in the comments here, I have no idea of the state of these)


Pro1X (2022, Snapdragon 662):


I will try to keep this updated.

If you know of missing link(s), to reasonably stable ROMs, send me a PM.

Discussions on the ROMs should be kept in the respective threads, this is just an entry point

@Justin have provided a step-by-step one on edl-flashing here (for linux).


Back to the FAQ thread here.

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I personally use the below batchfile on Windows to help myself doing things correctly, without forgetting something.

Called with two parameters. [1] recovery image to flash and [2] the main zip to flash. Followed by other packages needed, e.g.  GAPPS.
LineageOS supply both as a pair, for other OS it might be different.

@ECHO off
if %2.==. goto :EOF
ECHO * Wait for boot to bootloader to finish (or do manually holding VolDown+Power)
adb reboot bootloader
echo *   sending %1
fastboot --set-active=a
fastboot flash boot %1
REM fastboot reboot recovery    does not work, so do manually:
ECHO * Roll down to "Recovery Mode" with VolDown, and press Power to select.
ECHO * Await recovery boot. Select "Apply update", "Apply from ADB" for flash of
ECHO *   %1
ECHO * If prompted (shortly after 47%%) tap "yes" to "...Install anyway"
adb sideload %1
TimeOut 5 /nobreak>nul
if %1.==. goto :NORM
ECHO * Back to main menu, select Advanced, "Reboot to recovery".
goto :REPEAT
ECHO * From main menu, select Reboot.
ECHO **DONE** Should now boot into the new rom
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