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A question about Qwerty - Azerty layout

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Hello, I post here because I wonder me to change my pre-order with a qwerty's one. So two questions :

Is there any hope of seeing a better azerty layout like @Slion  proposal ?

I often use the long press on 'e' for é, è, ê, (example), is this a function implemented in LOS by @tdm especially for the pro1 or can I expect having this in the new pro1 ?

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In LineageOS 16.0 this works: long-pressing any accentable character on the hardware keyboard (e.g. 'a') brings up a selector box allowing you to pick any accented variant ('à', 'á', 'â', 'ä', ...) using the touchscreen. The box looks a bit rustic, like using a design from previous Android versions, but it works. Not sure about the later Lineage versions 17.1 and 18.1.

Note that this is for the original Pro1 only. We still know nothing about software for the new Pro1-X. The LineageOS ports for the Pro1 will no longer work because of the different SoC. A new port will be necessary and probably be based on some other, already existing snapdragon-662 device. But the keyboard driver of the Pro1 is open-source, and, I guess, the keyboard hardware has not changed. So maybe those bits can be re-used.

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On 2/27/2022 at 10:57 AM, Jacob_S said:

Works in LineageOS 18.1. as well. 

As well as LineageOS 19.1 and AICP-S
(And the box can even be navigated in with arrow-keys and selected with Space or Ente plus Esc for cancel, if you want to avoid touch)

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