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Pro1-X: OEM/Bootloader Lock User Manual

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Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) unlock is needed when you want to unlock bootloader on your Pro1-X. Although having access to bootloader can allow you to root your device and flash custom ROMs, the downside is that you will no longer be able to use Google Mobile Services (GMS) such as Google Pay on your device.

We firmly believe that by allowing users with more access and control over their devices can help them achieve more, which is why we shipped our Pro1-X’s with “OEM unlocked” by default to offer convenience when flashing other OS’s such as LineageOS and UbuntuTouch. 

But we also understand other users would like to unlock the full potential of our stock Android firmware too, so we’d like to dedicate this documentation to those who wish to lock OEM and use GMS on their devices.

Click the link below to download the User Manual for locking/unlocking OEM on your Pro1-X.

Pro1-X OEM Lock - User Manual.pdf

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