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    • Very kind of you, thanks.
    • Sure give me a little bit, and that's PM 😛
    • lineage-20.0-20230208-UNOFFICIAL-pro1x.zip includes the February ASB patches (with date 'February 5, 2023'), and removes the mapping rule for 'Caps Lock + Backspace -> Forward Delete'. After a only few minutes of testing I realized this was a terrible idea, as it made correcting my typos with Caps Lock on much less natural 😉
    • Would you mind posting a link to the same case, less noisy, and another for the correct tray? BTW, I was looking back at the case's pix and saw your home screen. Can I assume you're a fellow insomniac? 2AM, my least favorite time, and yet I greet it every night 🙂
    • I did send the phone to the Uk as well. I had to pay the delivery to Fxtec (which is fine to me) and had to wait several weeks to get it back. Additional tax payment and additonal problems with Fedex was included, which is not Fxtecs fault. But that is not the point. If i give instruction i always start with: You do everything on your own risk, you may brick your device, you may loose warranty etc. That is the opposite of: If i can, anyone can...
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