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    • This tries to defy all answers before they are written by saying they are not objective, while the post does not state a single objective point. The "Hardcore fans" here are using workarounds since years for some flaws of the phone. They reported the flaws 2 years ago, they complained about it. And they are still stating that it is a mediocre phone. What about that is thinking emotionally? You however had all the information at hand. You knew what chipset was in it, you could have read about the flaws the phone has in this forum. So you got exactly what it is and now you are unhappy about it. Who is thinking emotionally here? There are many valid points to make about it, for example that the chipset was new when you ordered the phone 2 years ago but it isn't now while the price stayed the same. But none of the valid points are stated in your post, it is just a way to let your anger out. Which is totally fine. But attacking the people here who are discussing on a really objective level is something nobody needs.
    • @Omairi: We know the chip is weak, in benchmark figures, compared to other phones of the same price, which is so because the keyboard doesn't come for free. Or did you expect it to? But is the chip *too* weak? Is there anything you need to do with your phone for which it is?  Also, don't call me 'fan'; I'm just a user who has some demands for their tools.
    • I agree its a waste so far .. many flaws and issues .. used it for two days and benched it so far hopefully they might fix some of the issues with an update or something...    Ps: the chip is so weak too compared to other alternatives with the same price ... Hardcore fans here might disagree with all what i said and i dont blame them ... Cuz simply this is what hardcore fans does in any field.. thinking emotionally..
    • So i pulled my sim out of my phone to figure it out, and too me it seems that the previous phone you activated didn't work.  The most important step is to activate that sim in a "Verizon approved phone" and then remove the sim from the "verizon approved phone" after activation and then put it into the pro1. You should then see the radio buttons be toggleable. You may have to restart the phone after inserting the sim, and after toggling the settings on. (I went to my local verizon store and asked the employee if he could activate my sim in one of the phones in the store. He did that for me and then I stuck it in my messed with those settings and everything was great.) There is more information on the thread that EskeRhan posted Hope this helps Matt
    • Have a look here: Most likely it is a carrier-limitation, not white-listing the Pro1 / Pro1X
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