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  1. Wait, I don't know how to edit post titles lol. Need your help here @EskeRahnπŸ˜„ EDIT: Managed to change the post title πŸ˜›
  2. Good suggestion, but it's not possible to change the "members title" name to anything else on my side πŸ˜•
  3. Okay, I found the solution. This "member title" is actually considered to be sort of an exclusive perk for active users who have contributed a lot in the forums. In my Admin control panel, I was able to find the current threshold to "unlock" members title - 500 content posts. Considering @Hook's suggestion is very constructive, I've lowered the threshold to 0 contents required (unless there's any thoughts on this?), meaning all new/old users can set their own titles now. Enjoy! πŸ˜„
  4. Could you go to your dial pad and enter *#*#4636#*#*, then take a screenshot of the Phone info? Feel free to send it via DM. I am curious what it says..
  5. I see. Things definitely were lost in translation here. As I wasn't the one handling your ticket, it appears my colleague left this out. Can you provide your ticket ID so I can follow up?
  6. Sorry for the delays. I have your device with me and it is fixed already. The reason we ask to keep it for longer is to help our developers debug the issue so it doesn't happen again. We're working with Snapdragon to resolve this problem and will soon be able to send back your phone. Again, thank you for your patience.
  7. I've relayed this issue back to our dev team and they will look into it. I'll update here when there's progress. Thanks for bringing this up.
  8. @Hook @claude0001 Indeed there's a mix-up (on my part). I was misled by what was considered "upper-housing". You guys are right. We only offer the "frame" for replacement/for sale (the detachable screen itself after unscrewing the 5 bolts). This can be easily replaced by any user and requires no glueing etc.
  9. You're right, our replacement parts for Pro1-X is the entire upper housing. But if you just want to change the screen, providing a detachable screen is enough. Changing the entire upper housing can be quite tricky as you'll be wiggling the hinges apart which may cause it to snap if not careful. We don't normally change the upper housing anyways (even with the Pro1) as there's no electrical components there (unless you somehow drop and break it). Replacing either the entire upper housing or just the detachable screen does not involve glueing, if that's what you're asking. Correc
  10. Yes, I mean the detachable screen itself, not the entire upper housing. All I did was connect the flat ribbon cable of the Pro1-X upper housing to the detachable Pro1 screen. We have spare Pro1-X screens in the warehouse which will be shipped to us once everything resumes, but we do have Pro1 screens and other spare parts in stock in our office if anyone is looking for a replacement etc.
  11. Yes, the screen is the same, however I think there's some sw/hw compatibility issue with the Pro1 screen on the Pro1-X body. The selfie camera does not work and it force quits the camera app, and touch screen is not alway responsive. Not sure what the reason this is as the screen itself is the same model πŸ™‚
  12. Casey

    Fingerprint Scanner

    Can you make sure you've installed QPST package rather than QFIL standalone? Check this article here for ways to fix the sahara error, I'd focus on step 8 first: https://krispitech.com/how-to-fix-sahara-fail-error-in-qfil/
  13. Casey

    Fingerprint Scanner

    Thanks for the update. This is a tricky one. It takes a couple of trial and errors to get pass this error. Can you try uninstalling your current QPST package, then download the previous version of it. Make sure when you launch QFIL, you access it through your destination folder: 1. Go to the destination folder you downloaded the QPST package. a. e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Qualcomm\QPST\ . 2. Inside the β€œbin” folder, find and launch the QFIL software (green circle with white downward arrow). Worse comes to worse, you'd have to send the unit to us and I'll flash it for
  14. Thank you for summing up. This is essentially the situation we are currently in. I am unaware of the price we sold the units to Expansys, but it is up to them to determine a price on these units once they receive it. At face value, our recent update might not have provided much, but we just wanted to address this topic to our backers in terms of the 'origin' of those units being sold and to reassure those units are not the ones they've ordered. This is completely false. Firstly, we most definitely appreciate our backers giving us the opportunity to kickstart our Pro1-X proj
  15. Casey

    Fingerprint Scanner

    adb sideload is used for flashing a new image (i.e. a firmware that has a higher build number compared to the current). The forum post you linked in your comment was for flashing the GMS-less build, which has a higher version number (2.1.5) than the stock OS (2.1.2). This process only requires you to flash the OTA package which adb sideload in recovery mode is better suited for. Although QFIL is the safest way to flash a full image (as it's a tool specifically designed for Qualcomm devices), it is faster and less tedious to use adb sideload for upgrading firmware and using fastboot scrip
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