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Pro1X Ligthsensor difference to other Phones

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I Installed the App "lightmeter" on my new Pro1X and my old S7. Both are near by on my Desk.

As you can see in the Screen they have a huge Differenz on the Same Spot.

In the IGG Diskussion i read other Users have the same problem, but at this point there where no Bugreport over this.


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Interesting. I doubt that the sensors are calibrated, to some standard source, so not surprised the numbers are not correct. The two devices could also have a difference in how wide they are getting light . The main purpose of the sensor is to allow for adaptive brightness.

But sure would be nice if they (or we?) could calibrate them correctly.

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2 hours ago, Malcolm said:

a Lux is a fixed unit, so i thing it has to be the same on both devices

That would be true if Android phones would be obliged to come with a light sensor designed and specified to report correct Lux values, but that is not the case. The app is taking readings from a sensor that never was designed for the purpose, just guessing what Lux value those readings might correspond to. If nothing reliable comes out of that, it's not the fault of the phone.

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