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Pro¹ X, stock Android: unable to 'forget' a Bluetooth device?

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Anyone else observing this? Once paired and connected, I cannot make the phone 'forget' a Bluetooth device. At least not with audio devices which actively try to reinstate a connection with a controlling unit that knows it, like a phone or a laptop.

Tried this with a 'Willnorn Soundplus' Bluetooth speaker and a 'Logitech' BT audio adapter for stereo systems.   

If I tap 'forget' while the device is connected and active, nothing at all happens.

If I tap 'disconnect' and then 'forget', the device moves to 'previously connected devices' for a second, then immediately reconnects and goes active again.

Other than powering off the respective Bluetooth device, only switching off the permission to play 'media audio' can prevent such devices from reconnecting and activating, immediately starting to play audio depending on the player used on the phone. They still permanently try to connect again, even if they don't succeed because that permission was removed, moving back and forth between 'connected' and 'previously connect'.  

The only difference between the 'Logitech' adapter and the 'Soundplus' is that I managed to remove/forget the 'Soundplus' after powering it off. With the 'Logitech', not even that succeeded.

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