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Pro1-X: Flashing Stock Android with QFIL (Windows PC only)

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This is the complete guide on how to flash the stock ROM on your Pro1-X. We will be using the Qualcomm Image Flash Loader (QFIL) inside the Qualcomm Product Support Tools (QPST) pack to flash our XML-based stock firmware.

Whether you want to restore your Pro1-X back to factory settings or fix a ‘bricked’ device, flashing the stock ROM back to your Pro1-X using Emergency Download Mode (EDL) with QPST/QFIL is the safest method.

However, this process ONLY works on Windows PC. If you do not own a Windows Operating System computer, you may consider setting up a Virtual Machine (VM) on your macOS or Linux-based computer.

The link below will redirect you to a Google Drive page containing all the files and instructions you need to complete this process. The entire flashing process from start to finish will take 20-30 minutes.


ADD (EskeRahn 2023-01-04)
It can be tricky to get it working on Linux, But we DO have a confirmation that it does work with at the least one VM

5 minutes ago, doubleddav said:

I can also confirm it does work in a Windows VM running on Linux, it does with Qemu/KVM anyway.


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