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Found 6 results

  1. Long overdue post.. Apologies! Here's a guide on how to flash the Pro1-X stock OS with a script in fastbootd mode. This method works with Windows, macOS, and Linux. Please note, you will need to have your OEM/Bootloader unlocked before you proceed with this flashing process. Click the Google Drive link below for the documentation: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/18Clj6qv4jXIFGfy0S1NO1K8DoN8bJ3Ms?usp=sharing
  2. Trying to flash my Pro1-x back to stock from SFOS. I am hitting an error " ERROR: function: sahara_rx_data:276 Unable to read packet header. Only read 0 bytes. ERROR: function: sahara_main: 982 Sahara protocol error ERROR: function: main:320 Uploading: image using Sahara protocol failed " I am not sure what my next steps are at all, so any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hello, I'm facing an issue after restore my device from Ubuntu Touch. It seems my partition table is not properly restored and my stock android now shows 8gig storage... Used this guide to flash Ubuntu Touch: Then this guide to revert back to stock: Anyone knows how to restore partition sizes properly?
  4. NEW Version of guide here Below the original text: (above inserted by EskeRahn) If you're reading this, it seems like you miss the good old Android OS or you've accidentally fried your PrawnX already! Don't worry! We have your back. The link below is the full build of the Pro1X stock Android OS (v2.1.2): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1_sgQ64ef9Di9kJ63Y6WNqllGRgRFOjac?usp=sharing We are still compiling/drafting a complete user manual for flashing your Pro1X, but hope this helps you out for now.
  5. This is the complete guide on how to flash the stock ROM on your Pro1-X. We will be using the Qualcomm Image Flash Loader (QFIL) inside the Qualcomm Product Support Tools (QPST) pack to flash our XML-based stock firmware. Whether you want to restore your Pro1-X back to factory settings or fix a ‘bricked’ device, flashing the stock ROM back to your Pro1-X using Emergency Download Mode (EDL) with QPST/QFIL is the safest method. However, this process ONLY works on Windows PC. If you do not own a Windows Operating System computer, you may consider setting up a Virtual Machine (VM) on you
  6. Hey all, Perhaps someone knows how to solve this and/or has the same problem. Ever since getting the Pro1 and using Stock Android the notification tray hasn't been synchronizing/working properly. Even if you open an app that has notifications active in the drop-down tray and read through all messages/e-mails etc. the notifications stay up. They only disappear by either clicking on them directly or swiping them away/removing them manually from the tray. Does someone know how to fix this? NB: Also added to the bug report-spreadsheet on the drive. Thanks in advance!
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