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Where can I buy the Pro X

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1 hour ago, Rasva said:

Apparently nowhere. I was about to point to Expansys site, but they pretend the Pro1x never existed. So you have to wait for it to become available somewhere.

Although search does not turn it up, they still list it (one review, five stars, "bought one from here and from the igg. Best phone ever"), but it looks like the contingent they got from Fxtec would be sold out now...


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28 minutes ago, Aramon said:

Thank you for your answers. Used would be okay. How much does it cost?

Just noticed you're in Germany. I am in Malaysia which shipping it to you will be very hassle.

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Expect two years of shipping time and always watch out for a used one.

Alternatively or additionally check this thread for a phone for sale:

Always check if the offered phone is already sold and be fast if it isn't. Also, the Pro1X has a slower CPU than the original Pro1 since the original chip wasn't available anymore. So if you find a used Pro1, don't hesitate.

I ordered mine originally and waited 14 months until I found a used one on ebay. I removed myself from the list back then but ordered a new one around 1.5 years ago but nothing happened so far.
One day I'll probably get a Pro1X in the mail but nobody could tell us when.

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