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  1. You got ghosted again until next update... there is nothing to update as ussual.
  2. They will handle and respond on things that are able to resolve by them. For things that obviously not sure or can't resolve they will just ghost you. For example the signal problem. There is no update on next beta or updates on stock android.
  3. My experience on this. You need to flash back to stock before flashing Ubuntu touch. But mine is a pro1-x
  4. Yes, they are shipping deckHD and hopefully they make enough to ship pro1-x and it's updates.
  5. I saw Chen still repost 99 deckhd review. At least the founder still kicking around.
  6. I think 2.1.7 is the 2.1.6 with user debug or medem log. Doesn't fix anything
  7. Iack of replies from support. This thread started from August 2022. A debug build / log collecting build had given and some consumer had submitted the log. There is no update since then. There is no OTA on android security patch too. Looks like the stock android is dead to me.
  8. The telegram beta channel is pretty much dead. The last updated beta is like months ago
  9. They should just do it under screen or at the back. Side finger print reader always at problem for me.
  10. I wonder they had enough spare parts for fulfillment and warranty or not.
  11. oh.. i assume qx1000 a.k.a pro1 doesn't have any network issues
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