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  1. They should just do it under screen or at the back. Side finger print reader always at problem for me.
  2. I wonder they had enough spare parts for fulfillment and warranty or not.
  3. Maybe we can ask the dedicated support team? 😂
  4. oh.. i assume qx1000 a.k.a pro1 doesn't have any network issues
  5. And as usual nothing about the fix related info on monthly updates.
  6. They need money to ship your perks. This is how scheme work
  7. You can order on IGG. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/pro1-x-smartphone-functionality-choice-control/x/16576339#/
  8. By the way how long is pro1-x warranty? My pro1-x already sits in drawer for 5 months.
  9. Anyone is working with support using the new beta build? @Caseyany progress on this?
  10. The site says it is 662 with 12MP https://fxtec.com/pro1x
  11. Beta testing group had been silent for few weeks while waiting for guide how to debugging LTE band 3 problem.
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