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  1. An update on my daily driver Samsung S10+. It always stick to B7.
  2. LTE discovery showing my connection is switching LTE band like crazy
  3. No really work on my provider. Subscribe an unlimited internet plan means you can't use it in modem (unless you mod the hop count). No issue if subscribe to pay per use or per GB plan
  4. you can ask Casey about the status. But they got a really long backlog to work on.
  5. Buy from fxtec? I think that will be a long time. Most people buy from expansys as they are selling half the price. And for IGG backers,most of them still waiting for their perks ordered years ago.
  6. I am using VMware to do flashing inside vm. Installing different drive might just screw up the os
  7. I hope your mum doing well. I also noticed the phone will die silently when it doesn't get screen wake.
  8. didn't notice and lights except when charging. it needs to turn on manually?
  9. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1mkpE8d2bYbUvmR6HDqgEArBYjGKopCSJ there are GMS and GMS-less build
  10. Good for you, but my country already phased out 3G, I can either on 4G or 2G
  11. No signal drop / Data drop on LTE? I am on 2.1.2 and having drop in data connection
  12. I wonder is this related to one of the june update by fxtec they have issue on speakers and mic.
  13. Costing?They might just redesign the stuff when chip change, and cut corners to save cost
  14. I hope they don't do like another project I supported, shipping the goods all the way to AUS distribution center and ship it back to Malaysia, which Is adding extra another 2 weeks
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