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Pro 1x sends constant "Suspend" commands to Bluetooth headphones

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Just wondering if anyone has this issue, or could advise.

I have a set of HyperX bluetooth headphones,and they pair easily to the phone, but there is no audio. The phone keeps "suspending" them and defaulting to its own internal speakers.

I enabled a Bluetooth snoop log in the phone, and looked at the .cfa file with Wireshark, and I see that the phone keeps sending "Suspend" commands to the headphones as soon as I start to play audio.

So in the log I see the phone as source  issues "Sent Vendor dependent: Interim - RegisterNotification - PlaybackStatusChanged - PlayStatus: Playing", to the HyperX as destination.

Then the phone as source issues "Sent Command - Suspend - ACP SEID [5 - Audio Sink]", to the HyperX as destination.

This happens repeatedly as I try to force the phone to play through the headset, and it keeps powering down the headset (or I guess more accurately "suspending" it, but the effect is the same in that I have to hit the power button and it reconnects to the phone).

Problem exists on both GMS-less version 2.1.5 and LineageOS.

Any ideas?

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