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  1. Geekbench 5 results on my Pro 1x are here: https://browser.geekbench.com/v5/cpu/18809529 The biggest downgrade is the unusable microphone while making LTE voice calls (but to be fair I never had a Pro 1 to compare that problem with).
  2. I want to add some observations about microphone performance here, because I now have experience with the Pro 1x on both sides of the Canada/US border, using a T-Mobile (USA) sim card in the phone. The microphone volume is terribly poor when trying to call through the T-Mobile network in the USA. People can hear me only very, very faintly unless I switch the phone to speakerphone mode, at which point the microphone becomes normal. My voice is so faint that I cannot leave a voicemail for anyone (their system just clicks off), and many people just hear dead air when they answer me.
  3. NB - I just tried to do this, and the command "fastboot oem off-mode-charge enable" does not work. It generates "FAILED (remote: Invalid input entered)". So instead, I tried "fastboot oem off-mode-charge 1", and that worked. I just switched off the phone and plugged it in, and it did not boot into Android. It just gave me an image of a battery with percentage of charge in it. Success!
  4. Holy cow, this should be a sticky at the top of this forum page!!! I was surprised that my 1x turned itself on every time I tried to charge it when it was currently switched off, but I just found that quirky without understanding the implications of it. If I understand you right, it is not possible to charge the phone when it is switched off, unless this default setting is changed. And further, if the phone is off and the battery is discharged to the point that the device cannot power up when it's plugged in to charge, then it simply will not charge in the "off" state. Wow
  5. I don't see how I could have been in the wrong fastboot screen. I didn't touch any of the buttons on the phone to change anything. The phone was completely stock, and I followed the PDF instructions to the letter, with one exception: I was using "Minimal ADB and Fastboot" to issue the terminal commands. That's been on this PC for a few years for other Android projects, but I don't see that being likely to change anything. Maybe, I guess. I will be interested to hear from @Casey about the difference between slot a and slot b, and whether I have screwed something up for future
  6. So I eventually decided that I might as well root my PrawnX, and tried to follow Casey's instructions here: https://community.fxtec.com/topic/3690-pro1-x-rooting-with-magisk/?tab=comments&_fromLogin=1 I got to the point of flashing the patched boot image back from my PC to the phone, and hit an error: So then I did this: Made me a bit nervous, because Casey's instructions of the PDF suggest that the file flashes to boot_b automatically. But whatever, I went with what getvar returned, and entered this: Then I did the "fastboot reboot", and voila, the
  7. I just tried logcat, but there are no interesting messages related to HDMI. It's a really short output log, nothing like as detailed as what I expect dmesg to look like. That said, unfortunately I was not able to replicate the navigation bar glitch again when plugging in the HDMI cable, so logcat wouldn't have picked up anything interesting anyway for me. Disappointing, but still I'm hopeful something comes of this in a firmware update.
  8. FWIW, I tried connecting my Pro1X to a USB C - HDMI adapter hub, where HDMI always output works with my Galaxy S21 5G as long as put an external power source to the USB hub. The first thing that happens on the S21 when I do this, is that a new symbol appears on the bottom navigation bar, referring to display controls relevant to HDMI. Interestingly, a somewhat similar thing happens to the Pro1X when I first plug it in to the HDMI adapter hub. The "auto rotate" symbol briefly flashes at the bottom right of the nav bar (to the right of the square), but then immediately disappears. If
  9. Thanks very much for your help, all. You put me on the road to figure it out, without flashing and without even doing a factory reset. I had installed Button Mapper, version 3.09 (current version) on both the phones, and used it to disable the shutter button on the bottom right of the phone. Once I uninstalled Button Mapper, the physical keyboard behaved as expected, and the question mark key worked again. So I guess there's no free lunch at present. I can choose to avoid all those accidental triggerings of the camera button, but only at the cost of losing some of the fun
  10. No worries, Hook. Thanks for the reply, if only to bump the thread! Here is a photo (taken on an inferior device, ha!), of the Pro 1X keyboard. So you see that it would be kind of weird to have to hit a key combination to get the question mark. I would have expected the semi-colon to be CTRL-L, but that gives nothing at all. The semi-colon is created by pressing the "?" key.
  11. Thanks, but that doesn't work. I have tried holding each of the following keys with the "?" key, and none of them results in a "?" Caps, Shift, Ctrl, yellow arrow, "F", Alt, Sym So there's at least two 1x phones like this, maybe more (all?). Did the Pro1 have a separate "?" key? The Pro 1x does, which would make it strange that it's necessary to do a key combination for it.
  12. Does anyone have their question mark key working on the physical keyboard on the Pro 1X? I have tried both US and English keyboard layouts, on both my own and my wife's Pro 1X, and I just get a semi-colon when I press the ? key. Tried it in several apps, but always the same issue. Also, I can't seem to make the software keyboard stop popping up when I open the physical keyboard, but it's usually just for a second or two before the prawn realizes I'm using the physical keyboard. Hopefully this is addressed in an OTA update, if these are universal problems. The physical keyboard
  13. Confirmed, Firefox is not affected for me either. Thanks smammy. That's a good work-around for the browser, but clearly there is coding in multiple apps that will be affected (cf. MiXplorer).
  14. No joy with Benni's suggestion. Seemed to minimize the issue a bit in Chrome, but it's still there. No reduction of the problem at all in MiXplorer. I did get rid of that annoying camera shutter button with the Button Mapper app, though, so there's progress! I hit the damn thing every time I open the keyboard. Too bad Button Mapper doesn't control the fingerprint sensor.
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