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  1. I wouldn't put too much importance into the PrawnX frame rate, on the screenshot above you were on for a podium position. 😆🏁
  2. I installed the utility AccA from F-Droid that @brunoais has already commented on in this thread, it seems to work well. There are settings for limiting charge level, charge rate, high temperature cut off, and low charge level shut down. As already stated, your Pro1(X) needs to be rooted, so this tool may not be for you, I took instructions from here: Note: This procedure works on Pro1X, I'm not sure about Pro1 at the moment. I'll amend if I work it out or somebody with a Pro1 can clarify. I also took the advice of ensuring 'offline charging' was enabled on my Pro1X, (guid
  3. I had a few uncertainties about the flashing process that I felt were a bit long winded and vague for the forum so I PMed Casey. He tidied up my questions and supplied clear and comprehensive answers to all points, so I'm posting here so that others may possibly benefit. My questions neatly summarised by Casey in bold, my additions to Casey comments for context outside the PM in italic. Thanks for the speedy and comprehensive response @Casey, I don't remember Steve Jobs being so forthcoming that time I asked him for some crapple information, maybe that's why his iphones are such
  4. Sorry if I've missed something, I've been trying to follow the development of alternate OS options but sometimes these conversations are bit of a blur. How far along is Lineage, do we have working calls and sms? Everything else would be a bonus 😀
  5. My two poochies Henry and Jess exploring 'The Redwoods' in Rotorua NZ. I can't believe how attentive and well behaved they look in this pic, my girlfriend must have said the word 'biscuit' as I took the shot.
  6. Hi all, I've been watching from the sidelines for a little while, so I should probably introduce myself. Electrical Engineer from Manchester UK now settled in Tauranga NZ, currently driving a beaten up Cosmo Communicator running Ubuntu Touch (dropped it, radios stopped working, still a nice PDA) looking for a replacement with working telephony, Ubuntu Touch, and a keyboard of course. Nice to see the Pro1-X finally rolling out, despite some serious issues beyond F(x)Tec control. Really great to see pics of a Pro1-X running UT, and so shiny fresh out of the box. It's a
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