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  1. I reckon there's 720 on that pallet, any other guesses. p.s. Not implying that's the only pallet, just curious how many Prawns you can fit on a pallet :)
  2. @guss don't think LineageOS affects your persist partition, and you only need to back it up if you are going away from an Android based OS, such as Sailfish or Ubuntu Touch, and intend to return to Android one day. There is some guidance and associated links for backup in the 'Various ROMs available' thread, but I've never used them, so I can't comment on how easy or effective the methods are. Just out of curiosity, why are you leaving LineageOS?
  3. Communication could be better for sure, this seems to be a common theme in crowdfunding, but I thought the final hurdle to the PrawnX was the logistics company holding our phones to ransom in their warehouse while they try to extort some more money from Fx for shipping, and I'm not surprised Fx are trying to maintain a positive spin on the company while they try to attract more investors to diversify their portfolio and create some new revenue streams.
  4. There's a good thread or two on here about ACCA, offline charging and battery health, I'll find it and post a link. Here it is:
  5. I've used ACCA in the past, both as a high temp protection and a low level shutdown, and you're right about it needing root, and it may be wise to enable offline charging if you go down this route. I'm currently running unrooted LineageOS (such a nice OS, thank you Devs) and use Easer https://f-droid.org/en/packages/ryey.easer/ as my safeguard, to generate progressively louder alarms as the battery level decreases.
  6. I seem to keep doing this recently, missing the boat after the question has been answered. Maybe I need to stop multitasking when I should be working.
  7. I'm pretty sure lithium-ion batteries are generally stored and shipped with a reasonable level of charge, as they can be problematic to recover when they go flat.
  8. For what it's worth, in my car I regularly use bluetooth to connect to a little bluetooth to FM convertor: https://www.jaycar.co.nz/digitech-fm-transmitter-with-bluetooth-technology-and-usb/p/AR3140 Never had your issue, just checked in Developer Options, HD audio is disabled, but I'm not connected right now. I'll have a play with the settings next time I'm out and about and connected and report back any issues. I'm on LineageOS 20-20230803-NIGHTLY, but haven't seen an issue on this or previous versions. Edit: Just seen your last post which you must have put up while I
  9. Apologies if I'm missing something here, I'm not that familiar with keymappers, and I may be misunderstanding your previous posts, but instead of assigning single letter shortcuts to actions, could you instead assign key combinations (eg 'Alt' + 'Letter') to actions.
  10. Grasping at straws here, but have you tried with different cables, on different USB ports? I think USB 2 works better than USB 3 for some people as well. If you've already had connection then this probably won't help but it won't hurt to try. I'm not sure what you mean by the Librem 5 reference, typo? I'm sure someone more clued up on these things will be along in a bit to help sort you out. The only other thing I could suggest would be a trip to https://forums.ubports.com/ for advice.
  11. Could it be a charging problem? Charging circuitry fault, USB port fault, faulty cable?
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