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  1. I suppose I could take the tin foil hat off for a while and give them a try 😀. When I plug my PrawnX into my laptop it shows up as 'Fx_tec_Pro1X_BENGAL-IDP__SN%XXXXXXXX' Most of the photography discussions go over my head, but I find FreeDCam quite a nice app.
  2. Where did you get the info on your SoC? I tried 'Settings => About phone', *#*#4636#*#*, and a couple of apps from F-Droid, but I can't find anything that displays the SoC model. Regarding the camera:
  3. GMS = Google Mobile Services or Google Mobile Spyware
  4. S/N fxtec007110 on the sticker. Qwerty. Queue jumper off Expansys, received November. Sunny Tauranga NZ, now that the cyclone has passed through.
  5. After a bit of recon, bizarrely it seems that a lot of modern slabphones don't have notification lights!! I wonder if maybe the functionality in Android has drifted away as the big manufacturers can't even be bothered to give you an LED in your new $XXXXX iphone or samsung. No wonder a keyboard is out of the question from those pirates (no offence to any real actual pirates who may be reading this). There are a couple of workarounds out there, including setting up your camera flash to scream at you and everybody else in sight, if you remembered to put your phone on the table scre
  6. @Rob. S. fyi: https://community.fxtec.com/topic/2677-how-to-control-notification-light/ Old thread, but maybe still relevant.
  7. @Rob. S. I don't get notifications lights for anything, but the LED does light up when I'm charging. This isn't intentional, and I still get sounds and on screen notifications for a lot of things, so I haven't pursued it too much. 🤔 I've just had a quick look to see if I've disabled notifications with some global setting, dnd, etc, but I can't see anything. I'll have a play, in particular Signal, and see if I can get it working on my PrawnX. Which Signal app are you using?
  8. @PoongZY No probs here on data connection. I'm on 2.1.5. Out and about it works well, standalone or as a hotspot. Not sure about LTE, a quick peek at the status bar shows me as on 3G. I've got my 'Preferred network type' set at 'GSM/WCDMA auto'.
  9. @Heruvim I got mine from here: https://www.expansys.com/ You might want to consider import taxes and warranty, there is some discussion here, search the forum on 'Expansys' for more info. Shipped to NZ in about a fortnight. No complaints at all from me, seems very solidly built and runs very well, new daily driver from day one.
  10. I wouldn't put too much importance into the PrawnX frame rate, on the screenshot above you were on for a podium position. 😆🏁
  11. I installed the utility AccA from F-Droid that @brunoais has already commented on in this thread, it seems to work well. There are settings for limiting charge level, charge rate, high temperature cut off, and low charge level shut down. As already stated, your Pro1(X) needs to be rooted, so this tool may not be for you, I took instructions from here: Note: This procedure works on Pro1X, I'm not sure about Pro1 at the moment. I'll amend if I work it out or somebody with a Pro1 can clarify. I also took the advice of ensuring 'offline charging' was enabled on my Pro1X, (guid
  12. I had a few uncertainties about the flashing process that I felt were a bit long winded and vague for the forum so I PMed Casey. He tidied up my questions and supplied clear and comprehensive answers to all points, so I'm posting here so that others may possibly benefit. My questions neatly summarised by Casey in bold, my additions to Casey comments for context outside the PM in italic. Thanks for the speedy and comprehensive response @Casey, I don't remember Steve Jobs being so forthcoming that time I asked him for some crapple information, maybe that's why his iphones are such
  13. Sorry if I've missed something, I've been trying to follow the development of alternate OS options but sometimes these conversations are bit of a blur. How far along is Lineage, do we have working calls and sms? Everything else would be a bonus 😀
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