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  1. This is the one I ordered for my Pro¹X. It's flexible to go over the curved edges. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2x-Protector-Full-Cover-for-Fxtec-Pro-1-X-Curved-Screen-Edge-Protection-Film/354228313766?pageci=bbf511a3-636d-4f7f-a400-fa3c71e3d2cc&redirect=mobile I'm in the UK; it shipped for Germany.
  2. @Kyranio as a flexible screen protector, it sounds similar to the one I got from ebay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2x-Protector-Full-Cover-for-Fxtec-Pro-1-X-Curved-Screen-Edge-Protection-Film/354228313766?pageci=54fcc0a3-388c-45eb-b53c-79f1628927ac&redirect=mobile. I don't expect it to protect from drops, but from scratches. For drops, I got a 3D printed case made (see thread for that) but for proper outdoor protection I use this pouch https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/401390599432 as well ... I don't have a good record with dropping & breaking phones; & I've waited YEARS for this!!
  3. They might focus on the Pro1x - they sure haven't pictured it with the Pro1x! So I defo wouldn't trust it to fit or work properly
  4. indeed! I am using Key Mapper to 'correct' some of the seemingly incorrectly labelled keys, such as '?' '/' etc!! But I've no idea how to make this work with the screen off, let alone with the keyboard shut... But MacroDroid + Shake works fine for me.
  5. To get MacroDroid working when the screen is off, you need to find Trigger Options in Settings. I also increased Sensitivity to 4. I find it pretty reliable now.
  6. I'm only a MacroDroid novice, but I don't think so, sorry.
  7. Depending on your mobile provider, the Pro1x is 4G, VoLTE & VoWiFi compatible. I took a call VoWiFi at work today. But I have mobile service restricted to 3G - otherwise cell connectivity is horrendously unreliable 😪
  8. What I've done is program MacroDroid with the 'Shake' trigger and an IF/ELSE clause. Now a slightly positive shake toggles the screen either On or Off, depending on it's current status. I had it waking based on the Prox.sensor previously but this needed two macros, & was definitely battery hungry. I'm hoping the 'Shake' trigger will be less of a power drain; I defo find it easier & more intuitive to use.
  9. On keyboards, the one key that doesn't work properly on my Pro1x is the semi-colon. Also, there doesn't seem to be any way of typing a GBP sterling symbol. Do I need FinQuerty or equivalent for this pls.?
  10. OK, that's kinda the conclusion I'd come to. My prev. provider didn't support VoLTE or VoWifi, so I swtched over w/e, but to get these funcions from the new provider (they're both on O2, UK) I had to go with a 24-month sim contract. As this is a decent price & comes with 30Gb data I reckoned I was OK - but now I have tons of data capacity in the phone when I need it in the router... 🥺
  11. OK, it might be 'official', but there's been nothing posted by anyone from FxTec in months, what they have posted has been of little help to the majority 😢
  12. in my case, it does seem 2B 'necessary' - without a sim in the phone, my Pro1x won't even attempt to make to make calls even though it finds the WiFi router - with a WiFi calling sim in it. 😔 Or is there a settings trick that I am missing pls?
  13. It's hardly a difficult question to answer! It's how I finally got one .. & the connectivity issues mean I've given up trying to use it 😪
  14. Can I ask please - do you have a SIM in your Pro1x? Or only in the router? Your solution seems, for now, to be the only thing remotely workable. Over on Telegram, a few brave souls have taken to drilling the metal case & attaching external antenna; which in one way seems to be what your router is. Like others here, right now, my Pro1x languishes unused because it is too unreliable; & worse, there seems precious little imminent hope of it ever becoming so, before the tech becomes obsolete 😔
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