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  1. It's hardly a difficult question to answer! It's how I finally got one .. & the connectivity issues mean I've given up trying to use it πŸ˜ͺ
  2. Can I ask please - do you have a SIM in your Pro1x? Or only in the router? Your solution seems, for now, to be the only thing remotely workable. Over on Telegram, a few brave souls have taken to drilling the metal case & attaching external antenna; which in one way seems to be what your router is. Like others here, right now, my Pro1x languishes unused because it is too unreliable; & worse, there seems precious little imminent hope of it ever becoming so, before the tech becomes obsolete πŸ˜”
  3. Perhaps key is "reportedly" or rather lack of report? I don't think I've even seen it acknowledged since this back on October:
  4. This is the link I posted on Telegram: https://community.fxtec.com/topic/3612-pro1x-really-poor-connectivity-to-both-wifi-and-cellular/?do=findComment&comment=65345 in my eyes at least, U pulled together several comments & came to a conclusion, that seems 2B worthy of consideration by those who have the ability to improve Pro1x 'stock' OS &/or firmware. Right now, my Pro1x is little better than a v.v. expensive toy or prototype: it is too unreliable at recieving calls; I can't trust it to work as a phone, which is what it is marketed as! And if F(X)tec don't put this
  5. I've posted a link to @doubleddav Sat. at 10:37pm on the Telegram 'beta' discussion thread... This gets waaay too technical for me, but hopefully the devs on Telegram will make something of it?!!
  6. Are you still on Stock 2.1.2? Or are you using on of the Beta's? FYI, I'm UK based, on O2. My problem was in coming calls: right after booting I could receive 1 call but subsequent calls failed, with a message implying the network couldn't reach my Pro1x. Data & WiFi I did not have any issues with (unlike some others report). It's v.v. frustrating; I never got an orig. Pro1: I 'found' my 'X' off eBay after all these years; I love having the kb back (I still have an N97!) - but I can't trust the X as my daily phone πŸ˜”
  7. Looks like you've done exactly what I've been searching for! Once the 'X' eventually gets the updates to make it useable, I'll B ordering from an online printing service - thank you! πŸ™
  8. Amen to that, I've waited 3yrs to get this phone .. to find out it can't do the basic phone function πŸ˜” But I have joined a Beta testing group in the hope that I can help move this along to a workable solution...
  9. From all the numbers you are quoting you seem to be way more tech knowledgeable than me, but, would not doing this cause significant battery drain? Do other phones have to do this? And if not, why should this be necessary for the Pro 1X?
  10. Also, it looks like Fx have a really BIG problem with the X handset, see thread: "Pro1x - really poor connectivity to both wifi and cellular". Mine is so useless as a phone that I've gone back to my old Moto One Zoom until Fx can provide a solution... πŸ˜ͺ
  11. Totally agree. I've emailed FX support - heard precisely *nothing* back (other than automated acknowledgement) v.v.sad 😞
  12. I'm on O2, via Giffgaff, also in UK (Northampton). I spent a few hours of trial-&-error yesterday trying to figure out if there was anything I could do, eventually resorting to a full factory reset. Nothing helped. It was still extremely hit-&-miss; my issue being cell network connection for incoming calls (making calls & WiFi being OK). A phone that doesn't work as a phone is no use to me, so I'm back on my Moto One Zoom - reluctantly πŸ˜’ coz having waited 3-yrs to get my hands on a Pro 1, I really love the flip keyboard!
  13. So it looks like I too have an 'X' that's suffering bad cell connection issues πŸ˜ͺ I've done a full system reset and after only connecting to WiFi (to complete basic setup) & installing the Edge browser I'm now using + CX file explorer, I've tried to make & receive calls. Basically, the handset is totally unreliable. It hadn't suffered the bad call quality, or call drop outs, that I've seen others have complained of (prior to reset); it just seems to be utterly, horrendously, unreliable at holding cell connection in order to receive incoming calls. & while I initially attribut
  14. Thank U 4 yr response @VaZso I've done some more checking, now home from work so in a different WiFi zone. As U can see, WiFi calling is 'Off'. I've uninstalled a few apps, incl. MacroDroid, in case these might be interfering some how. But the only thing that seems to affect accepting in coming calls is whether WiFi is switched On or Off; not whether or not it's connected, just whether it's On or Off.
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