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  1. It took a while, actually a long while. Seems like the first package got lost, but the second arrived in a week (+1 week customs). I was able to replace the camera and the backplate today in 1-2 hours. It was pain and not fun at all as I'm not used to so small connectors 😄. If you are careful it is possible though. I broke my power button a bit, which is not so clicky anymore and feels so wrong 😄 It was successful though, the camera works again. So it wasn't a software issue. The back is also as new now. And I could learn something new today.
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  2. So... Back from the ATT store... Learned that there is NOTHING they can do in the store,,, It is now policy to remove ALL non-ATT branded devices from the ATT network. They expect to have removed all non-ATT branded devices by February 2022. Apparently, they no longer want people who use non-standard gear on their network... Also, people using 'hacked' gear to get around to data cap on hotspot usage vs the unlimited usage of smartphone data... This is their way of getting rid of them... One last shot with tier III support... But they simply are not willing to add the IMEI t
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  3. See my reply above from March 29th, It still pretty much applies. They have kept their backers informed with monthly updates. If you are not ordering an already manufactured phone that is already sitting in a warehouse, there are no promises, only projections. And those projections are based on not much going wrong. You may regret the investment because of the time it is taking, and that is understandable, but they are being transparent about the sources of those delays.
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  4. Well, it seems to be official now. ATT is scanning its network and disabling SIMs when the IMEI currently in use doesn't match the IMEI registered to the SIM. They did it to me again about 22:30 eastern last night... just after their offices closed for the night... This AM I called them and after a long run around, and proving to them that my phone DID work in VoLTE, HD Voice and that it worked with UTMS/3G disabled they... didn't care. They re-enabled my SIM BUT... Teir II support told me that my SIM would be AUTOMATICALLY disabled again, (and again) because their system ca
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  5. Hey, I stumbled on this thread after loads of debugging. My current situation is that I'm one of those stuck on a fastboot loop after running some system updates and leaving the phone idle for some time. I've tried flashing both 2019 and 2020 images, they seem to work successfully but the phone just reboots to the same old fastboot screen. When trying to perform any unlock commands via fastboot-cli, I always get denied. None of the flashing commands work or slot changes. I am not sure if the EDL flashing is even successful as I don't really get actual feedback of changes beyond the
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