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  1. My phone died over the day because it did not charge over the night. Even today I was unable to get it to charge. The cable was connected and it also accepted it, but still said "Can not charge right now" or however it's written in the English version. Seems like restarting "fixed" the issue. I hope it was just one time..
  2. It took a while, actually a long while. Seems like the first package got lost, but the second arrived in a week (+1 week customs). I was able to replace the camera and the backplate today in 1-2 hours. It was pain and not fun at all as I'm not used to so small connectors 😄. If you are careful it is possible though. I broke my power button a bit, which is not so clicky anymore and feels so wrong 😄 It was successful though, the camera works again. So it wasn't a software issue. The back is also as new now. And I could learn something new today.
  3. Thanks! I have no issues to get my hands dirty as long as it's more or less stable 🙂
  4. Hey! I used the first Jolla and even got hands on the dev phone a few years later. I really liked Sailfish even though it had some quirks. However I've switched to android as most of all apps I required were android ones and the support back then had some issues. Now that Sailfish runs on the Pro1 and version 4 is out, I really would like to try it out again. I have a few questions though, can I simply update from 3.4 to 4, or do I have to wait for a port? How is the android support on the Pro1? I read that it had some issues on that phone. What about the other hardware? B
  5. I've messaged FxTec and they told me I have no warranty whatsoever because the phone fell a few times. Understandably so. Yet, the bad focus was already there after receiving the phone. I've thought it's just the common issue almost everyone had. So that still leaves me with some mixed feelings. Granted, the focus got worse over time. Next time however, I will buy a phone that is less slippery. They told me the repair will cost £79 GBP, including hardware and shipping. I'll try to get the hardware alone from them and repair it by myself as Ive expected it will take so long to repair.
  6. I really would rather not to as I don't want to lose my configuration/apps and do the whole setup again. Or is it possible to basically copy the whole harddisk and revert later on? I had better results with these GCam ports, but I usually made photos outside. They seem to be much sharper. I was shocked to find out that close objects seem to be blurred completely..
  7. Flashed the first 18th version that was listed for download. Backuped everything, but didn't need to. Flashed the 18th version, flashed MindTheGapps, flashed Magisk, done. Everything works as good as before. Went from 16 to 18. The phone seems to respond quicker than before, or the animations give the impression that it does. I like the new theme.
  8. Hey, just flashed Lineage 18 and it's as bad as before. I can't make a real clear picture with the phone at all. The edges are all just blurred. I begin to wonder if it's a hardware issue. Auto Focus is barely doing anything useful and manually focusing (With OpenCamera) also never gets me a sharp photo. Never tried the stock rom as everyone said not to bother with it. I'm going to shoot the support a message. I've waited a year patiently in hopes of a solution. Maybe it helps to bring up awareness again. Front camera works fine, it's just the back camera. Maybe the phone f
  9. My ear speaker broke lately. (The one you use in calls) Not exactly sure how. Maybe the phone fell too hard onto my couch, or I've used it too rough? Who knows. Anyway I quickly found out after not hearing anyone whom I've called - but the normal speaker did work. So I had to speak to them with the loudspeaker on in public, like a moron. As I didn't want to send back the phone and wait for repair I've asked the support if I can fix it on my own. My initial guess was a simple loose contact as the speaker functions if I firmly press on the speakers region. This is what you should also
  10. Oh sorry, yeah. Nightly 16.0. I had a smaller "problem" with Gapps Nano signature not getting validated. But I could install it anyway, Magisk followed afterwords. It's a solid system now. Love it 🙂 Battery is surprisingly long lasting.
  11. Thanks for your answers! Yeah, what confused me was that it was already unlocked. As most tutorials seemed to require you to unlock it first. Ive tried to flash LineageOS anyway and it worked well. Have the newest testing version running. 🙂
  12. thanks for your answer! I don't understand what the ADB driver has to do with it, as the button is greyed out on the phone itself. I could not even lock the oem functionality again if I wanted to. And if I read correctly, it's how it is when you get the phone. I have switched ports and cables. And I have unlocked the OEM bootloader of a OnePlus three weeks ago successfully.
  13. Hey, so my phone arrived. But I can't seem to run the update. My last version is QX1000_EEA_20200306124530_20200306-1247, security level patch 5. Sep. 2019. Checking on updates just throws me an error that it can't reach fota server::443. I do have a functional WiFi connection. How do I update my phone now? After retrying 10 times, it works now.. 😄 The other issue still remains. Also I have enabled development mode, but I can't enable OEM-Unlock. It's greyed out, already "activated" and is saying that the bootloader is already unlocked. Running fastboo
  14. Its in transit now for me again. Maybe it will arrive tomorrow .. or wednesday. Timeframe still undecided.
  15. It said 12, until it was 12. Now it's just "today". Germany, in Ruhrgebiet
  16. Seems like my package is stuck at ROISSY CHARLES DE GAULLE CEDEX FR. 😞 And the tracking told me it arrives today! Don't want to wait anymore 😋
  17. Got mine! 😍 #31xxx QWERTZ, Germany, Paid/Ordered August last year.
  18. I think hell just froze. I just got a SMS with a Fedex tracking code! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
  19. Dreams are dead here, son. Only to those who have gotten an assignment letter. Sorry!
  20. I got a new info from the company. The phones are currently in transit to the warehouse. Tracking will be send out this week.
  21. I don't get that. Clove is nothing more than an electronics shop. Or are they producing the hardware? "This product has been discontinued and is no longer available for sale." is most likely nothing more than a default text for a product they simply don't offer (anymore). What does this have to do with the production of the phones, the pandemic that has halted it and phones that get shipped from FxTec to you directly? Another question: https://web.archive.org/web/20200527124717/https://www.clove.co.uk/products/fxtec-pro1 This page wasn't updated since May 27th, on these day
  22. So .. what was the help you've gotten from the support? What did they do? Had you have to do some unknown tasks?
  23. Keeping my word like FxTec does theirs. Got my allocation. 🙂
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