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  1. Well, got it apart today... Found what appears to be a manufacturing defect... The sheet metal clip holding all the ribbon connectors on to the main board was installed in such a way it had partially cut the battery ribbon cable right at the connector... Looks like I need a new battery as well... I'm not sure if the battery is still providing power to the board or not... Reseated the ribbon cable to the USB board at both ends... No change... Will not charge or boot. Disconnected the USB board ribbon cable and tried to boot. Did not boot... While testing charging, I notic
  2. If you go look at the available PC board mount jacks, every one I have found actually brings all 24 pins out to the PC board individually... And I've looked at about 30 so far... To actually run at full 'C' speeds, the TX1/RX1 and TX2/RX2 sets have to go to different pins on the chip that runs the interface. BTW, the pictures shown on Mouser, Digi-Key and other supply houses are often generic... You usually have to dig into the data sheet to find the actual pin spacing and layout... --
  3. After a bit over 2 years as my daily driver, my stock software Pro 1 refuses to start today... No display and no LED The USB charging has been bit wonky for 5 or 6 months now, I have had to plug it in, hang it so it dangles by the cord and then reboot it for it to charge... And use a USB volt/amp meter to be sure it is charging... Last night, when I hooked it up and rebooted it, it did not restart... It was at about 45% battery charge when I plugged it in. I never use a high voltage charger, and it usually charges at about 1.1-.7A and 5.03V Today, it draws no curren
  4. Didn't have to argue with anyone... The directions in this thread worked fine... https://community.fxtec.com/topic/2133-fxtec-on-verizon/ --
  5. I never 'accepted' it... Told them I was not interested. They just sent it. Never opened the box. Escalated it through three levels of support... Was told that they were sure that the 'service' was 'stickier' than the 'phone'... --
  6. AT&T shut my Pro1 off in late Aug of 2021 after sending me a bunch of text messages and a junk LG as a replacement. It was reporting as 4G or 4GLTE and HD voice right up until they turned it off... Went into a Verizon store in Kalamazoo, MI and transferred my number that I've had for 25 years... They used an older Google Pixel 3 or 4 they had in back and a new SIM card to activate the new account. After getting it all working on the Pixel, we moved the SIM to the PRO1, changed the settings in the dialer and I've had no issues since... I've replaced the screen 3 times, and
  7. So... Back from the ATT store... Learned that there is NOTHING they can do in the store,,, It is now policy to remove ALL non-ATT branded devices from the ATT network. They expect to have removed all non-ATT branded devices by February 2022. Apparently, they no longer want people who use non-standard gear on their network... Also, people using 'hacked' gear to get around to data cap on hotspot usage vs the unlimited usage of smartphone data... This is their way of getting rid of them... One last shot with tier III support... But they simply are not willing to add the IMEI t
  8. And, at 15:35 eastern, ATT sent me a text and shut off my SIM again. Last shot... Gonna drive to a company store in Kalamazoo and see if they can fix it. --
  9. My wife has T-Mobile... We travel the country, (by road), and ATT often worked where T-Mobile would not... I'm hoping that I would get the same results with Verizon. --
  10. It was a contract back in 2005 when it was Centennial Wireless and my P4300 Wizard. But that has long since run out and it has simply been standard post paid service since then. I've never actually bought a phone on contract from ATT. --
  11. Well, it seems to be official now. ATT is scanning its network and disabling SIMs when the IMEI currently in use doesn't match the IMEI registered to the SIM. They did it to me again about 22:30 eastern last night... just after their offices closed for the night... This AM I called them and after a long run around, and proving to them that my phone DID work in VoLTE, HD Voice and that it worked with UTMS/3G disabled they... didn't care. They re-enabled my SIM BUT... Teir II support told me that my SIM would be AUTOMATICALLY disabled again, (and again) because their system ca
  12. PreOrder placed 09MAR2019 02:06 Eastern Payment request received 31JUL2019 19:08 Eastern Order #834x QWERTY US Paid 01AUG2019 03:09 Eastern Stock Assigned 20JAN2020 06:43 Eastern So... Waiting to see if we get a valid tracking number showing it is in the shippers hands by 25JAN2020 --
  13. Didn't see this thread until I'd already posted on the other one. This thread seemed far more on point. I wish them all the luck in the world, and if they get the issues fixed, I expect I'll be back. Oh, by the way, from another Michigander, hope you are enjoying the weather... I'll be back in it in about 8-10 days... --
  14. No... If or when the production and delivery issues are sorted, I'm likely to buy then. The reason I sent the message to support is to give them the option to fix the issue or issue a refund before I have to request a chargeback... I'd much rather have the phone, but, on 31DEC, 153 days of my 180 day chargeback time will have passed. I'm not willing to let that protection go... I've run my own IT business since the 90's. Built custom hardware and I've never repeatedly blown deadlines like this. I will admit I've never done mass production overseas, however, I have contracte
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