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  1. While this is most probably true and I understand what you mean, this is still in the FAQ on the IndieGoGo campaign: "Does the Pro1-X work on all US based network providers? The Pro1 supports all major US carriers. However, you need to be aware of a little process required to have signal on Verizon or Sprint due to their more complex setup. In order to have signal on Verizon or Sprint, you’ll first need to activate the SIM card on a previously known approved Verizon device. Or you can simply swap your SIM card to the Pro1-X from your current phone on Verizon. This does not apply to T
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  2. Hi, esme, I'm assuming you have had something seriously go wrong with your Pro1 and, yes, I understand your feeling it is urgent, especially if you don't have a back-up phone. They may not get back to you as quickly as you would like (the queue of emails to the helpdesk is not small), but they will get back to you. In my dealings with them, they have always gotten back to me, but it varies between a couple of days and 2 weeks.
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  3. This is a user-to-user forum, and though some staff members from time to time look in, you should not count on it being seen here. Sorry.
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