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  1. https://devices.ubuntu-touch.io/ the Phones tab: A UT forum is likely to be able to tell which. Googling suggested this: https://9to5linux.com/volla-phone-will-be-shipping-with-ubuntu-touch-pre-installed
  2. Of course there are no 'wrong' reasons for buying (or not buying) a device. But if the Keyboard is of little interest, people could almost certainly get a better deal elsewhere.
  3. Yup, got LOS 19 on the pre-production unit, and it is not bad at all..
  4. And if `unmitigated disaster` matches 5 of 10, I wonder what he would call 4 of 10?... And as I added after you read the initial text, it is absolutely fair that he point out the missing OS.
  5. Flashed aicp_pro1_s-17.1-WEEKLY-20221005.zip on security update 2022-03-05 Still initial boot-loop after flash, And still completely confused! Despite the outer file signals aicp-S and 17.1, the inner version is aicp 16.1 and tells it is Android 11??? So time to give up on AICP on Pro1 I guess!!! ...when I find the time this test-device will likely get Sailfish again...
  6. I agree to some extent, and also that the 5 of 10 is not unreasonable, but how does that match the "Avoid"? A more sober conclusion could have been that the initial version of the Pro1X has several issues. So unless a potential new buyer find the keyboard so important that they can live with these. they should consider to await an updated OS, and/or availability of alternative OS. But the whining on why the alternative OS is not available yet, Well it is either a matter of deliberate ill will, or he does simply not know what he is talking about - I hope the second... And that he just hav
  7. The lot of mails MIGHT be the problem... For all we know on their help-desk system, sending a new mail, joins the new and the old mail, so they can be handled together, BUT at the bottom of the queue. And don't ask me on the why it is this way. But at some point they told us that is how it works.
  8. It would be interesting to know what your expectation are/were? What other start-ups has made a new keyboard-phone with a new chipset, and delivered it faster in this period? Have you bothered to dig into the backgrounds of this, or are you just complaining? The company intended to make the Pro1X as a tiny variation of the Pro1. They ordered and paid for the 835-chips, but were swindled and never got them, and in the meantime the chip went out of production, so they had to redesign the entire internals of the device, and new software for it. And they did that within the same economic fram
  9. Have a look here: Most likely it is a carrier-limitation, not white-listing the Pro1 / Pro1X
  10. Though the AICP-R has now fallen out the bottom of their download list, it is still available from their "vault" https://media.aicp-rom.com/vault/pro1/ 😁
  11. There is a new version released that should, see: https://android.onse.fi/finqwerty/#pro1x ADD ...Just tested "Danish for physical US QWERTY", and it works flawlessly. Thanks @Anssi Hannula, for yet another good job. 👍
  12. (lineage-19.1-20221003-nightly-pro1-signed.zip on September 5 security patch installed smoothly using adb sideload and MindTheGapps-12.1.0-arm64-20220605_174313) Still with the keyboard bug introduced that messes accessibility apps (works on AICP R/S based on Android 11/12) see e.g. this.
  13. And slightly off topic, but important none the less. The Pro1 would fit me substantially worse, had it not been for @Anssi Hannula's great "FinQwerty", that increases the usability of the keyboard substantially for me. The functionality FinQwerty offers ought to have been included with the phone from day one IMHO! (It is available for free on the Android Market though)
  14. Well without having searched the market I feel quite sure that you can find multiple keyboardless devices with alternative OS. But SURE it is great that alternative OS are also available for the Pro1, and hopefully several for the Pro1X soon too. For those where a real keyboard is just a nice-to-have addition, they intend to use occasionally, they are likely to find the Pro1/Pro1X bad for their use case. For those where a keyboard is an essential part, to a degree where they might still be using ancient devices like the Nokia Sliders, well there the Pro1/Pro1X is a God-sent thing.
  15. I assume you are aware that this is on the Pro1 and not the Pro1X? So maybe this thread should be split? The main thing when getting any thing, is to consider if it fits your usage pattern before buying. If you buy a lorry and plan to use it as a racing car - you will be disappointed. If you buy a racing car and plan to use it as a lorry - you will be disappointed, But criticising it for your bad choice is not fair, I see quite a lot of films in the cinema. But when I review a film, I do not trash it if I'm outside the target range of the film. It is not to be blamed
  16. Three of four comments currently there are on the Pro1 not Pro1x. The one by "nesede" could be on either, though most likely the Pro1X, Please do not get me wrong, there definitely shall be room for criticism in here. Though the title is close to one I would tone down - it does not even specify that it is about the Pro1X. A more fair title could have been e.g. Review says: Avoid buying the Pro1X. The Pro1/Pro1X is (as @Hook already wrote) not for everyone. And even for those of us that find Pro1/Pro1X the least bad available, it can not be said to be perfect. Neither by design nor by
  17. Avoid wasting your time on this so called "review" *LOL* "Better and more affordable alternatives are available" and then referring to the Planet Cosmo sort of disqualify the whole thing as serious IMHO. Had he at the least used their AstroGlide as a alternative, it would make more sense. And this on alternative OS "Given how long the phone has been in development, and the availability of the Pro1 and early releases of the Pro1X, this seems like an unforgivable oversight." also shows he either does not know what he is talking about or (if he does) hides it well... Had his conclu
  18. Exactly, it does not make any sense, and R falls out the bottom next Wednesday, So no more AICP to us....
  19. Interesting. Does the solution you got working require the phone-display to be set to 1920x1080 (see a few posts above), or does it crop the sides on then monitor? Or does it offer two independent screens?
  20. Flashed aicp_pro1_s-17.1-WEEKLY-20220928.zip on security update 2022-03-05 Still initial boot-loop after flash, And still completely confused! Despite the outer file signals aicp-S and 17.1, the inner version is aicp 16.1 and tells it is Android 11???
  21. Until windows started to require signed drivers (that they later relaxed on), I felt the same, super easy plug and play, how hard can it be...? But later I could not get it working at all, and understood what people was on about., To an extend I limited myself to OTA, for the weekly updates. And PTP&MPT still worked just fine, but fastboot was a lot of trouble. but after a lot of experiments i got things working with an ancient cheap $1 usb-hub, that is terribly slow. And when I got a new PC it got even worse, I then optimistically plugged the USB in the docking hub, and it have worked fla
  22. Interesting, I have not done their OTA for ages.
  23. https://nerdschalk.com/change-screen-resolution-adb-android/ Will test.... Thanks for the idea. ADD The resolution change works - but that is not enough to get HDMI working. adb shell wm size 1080x1920
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