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  1. I find it slightly hilarious that you are going to cover import taxes for website orders, that are actually paying customers, and should by all means expect import taxes, and that were never told they would not need to pay import taxes... And the ones that were told they would not need to, despite brexit, and that did not buy a device, but supposedly receive their perks as a token of thanks for investing in the company, will have to pay.
  2. Thats how I interpret what @Casey wrote, yes. But lets see if we get an official answer.
  3. @Casey Im sure you will forgive my doubting your new two weeks estimation, given your track record so far. Seeing as you are here in the forum, you have undoubtedly read my other, strongly worded, comment in a recent thread. I suppose you are still not planning to honor your original word about paying import tax for EU IGG backers?
  4. Seeing as fxtec supposedly have (had?) people at the scene (in china), one would suppose their task was to make sure something was happening? One could also mention the fact that they supposedly took 3 months to tell us this, to make sure the information was accurate. Turns out that still, after three months, nothing changed, and information from fxtec is still not accurate.
  5. Where has this been communicated in an official fxtec channel? All I can see is that the SoC was not available. Chocker, seeing as fxtec new the SoC was going EOL. This, fxtec must have known ahead of time. There is also the tiny detail that this doesnt change the fact that they are broke. If they are not, then I am awaiting the shipping notification tomorrow, along with the IGG update letting us know they will stand by their original word that they will pay import taxes for all EU customers. This changed with brexit, but was obviously also something fxtec knew a LONG time ahead of it hap
  6. @steff They know this for sure. I will post some links for you here: Without being a legal expert, it looks to me that they are currently in breach of atleast Article 7, Paragraph 3, in your case. - GDPR: https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/?uri=CELEX%3A02016R0679-20160504 - A list of the Data Protection Agencies of the member states: https://edpb.europa.eu/about-edpb/about-edpb/members_en - Since Fxtec reside in UK, here is the UK GDPR: https://www.gov.uk/data-protection - And this is how to report a company in the UK: https://www.g
  7. They (Fxtec) are currently so broke they cant even afford to ship IGG perks and/or website orders, despite backers paying 40$(!) flat rate shipping on top of the price they paid for their perk(s). So the answer ought to be something along the lines of "No, No, Never".
  8. I cant wait to see that list, because if there is an actual list, I must have really missed alot.
  9. I wonder what money they would use? The only thing they have mentioned is taking money from "other sources of income". But Linxdot seem to be more or less in the same situation as this project, and someone explained to me earlier in this thread that they cant take money from the web3 phone project. So, are they collecting empty bottles in dubai parks? Or where are these amounts of money supposed to come from? and even more important, where are money for warehouse storage coming from? Is there anything at all from a credible source that suggests they still have the devices and are act
  10. I love how you are talking as if they still, 2,5 months after their latest say-nothing update, have devices molding away in a warehouse in China for some reason. Paying for storage rather than shipping makes absolutely no sense.
  11. Well, it does not say "should" in the terms of service, it says "Issue refunds". Just as I quoted above.
  12. How does this make things more complicated? The remaining Pro1 orders/perks were either converted into Pro1 X pre-orders, which would give them the right to cancel the pre-order for a full refund, or they were converted into a Pro1 X perk, where IndieGoGo Terms of service says they should refund the backers if they cant deliver the product. Which they cant. Right?
  13. Pretty sure they do not care at this point. If they really were as concerned with their beloved backers and customers as some make them out to be, Im pretty darn sure they would have found a way to ship all those 1000+ Pro1Xs supposedly just sitting in their warehouse/factory wasting away. My personal theory is that the reason they "dont want" to collect more money for shipping fees, is that ones they have shipping money but no devices to ship, they would be in deep sh*t.
  14. Seeing as they are not "obligated" to send our perks (as you yourself, among others, have repeatedly stated), there is no question what takes higher priority. What they actually Are obligated to, now that I take another look at the IndieGoGo terms of service, is the following: d. If you have received the Contributions from your Campaign, but are unable to deliver Perks, issue refunds to Contributors.
  15. Unfortunately, they have been answering "very soon" to various questions for the past 6 months or so. Make of that what you will.
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