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  1. Is there a new model being designed? Is there another batch of phones due soon? When are we likely to see a new or updated handset, or other new tech?
  2. Hi, Just wondered if anyone has found an update/or easy install patch to fix the audio issues??? With the situation we are in, the inability to hear during a conference call is a problem that has me looking to get another phone 😢 Any easy fix steps welcome Thanks
  3. Well a week in and all is going well, until yesterday when I discovered an issue with using the BBC Sounds app. for some reason downloaded or streaming material initially plays fine but then develops a crackle/static noise when using listening. It's the strangest issue because it is not constant I can be listening and anything from 30 seconds to 3 mins in it just develops this interference noise. I have reinstalled the app but with no change. could someone else please just try the app and see if they are experiencing any similar issues. Thanks
  4. Okay, I have work a rounds for all of the above. But know I have camera questions? Is there an easy way to put the flash on permanently (torch) to light a shot? when the camera is activated via the side shutter button, it loads the camera but when you take a picture it doesn't confirm the picture by showing in in a small circle in the bottom right hand corner. However, it does when the camera is loaded direct from the app. Is this a problem that is being fixed with an update or do I need to change settings. Thanks
  5. Genius !!!!!!! I will work around with this until an update appears. Thank you
  6. Thanks for getting back to me, Play Music wasn't installed, it is now. so thank you However the keyboard issue is still causing me some confusion If I set it to English (UK) Key 3 will give a £ but I can't then get a # key? Any language / keyboard setting I use, I can not get / or ? on the screen regardless of using either yellow arrow key. any further thoughts?
  7. I have had my handset a couple of weeks, and slowly transferring information and apps ready to use. However, I have run into a couple of issues that I could do with some guidance to resolve. NO MUSIC PLAYER I cannot find a music player (out of the box), to play my audio files. I have found MusicFX app on the phone but no way to open it. I can force a stop / or disable it. Because of this I am assuming its just a system sound controller, and not a useable app. Which Audio player is meant to be installed? or which one is recommended but advert free? NO ? FROM PHYSICAL KEYBOA
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