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  1. ...i have little problem. always after two days on battery - when is battery on around 20% and when i connect charger phone says "plugged in, can't charge right now". 

    After reboot is all fine...i can reconnect charger many times and always charging


    On old aosp rom was all fine

  2. 13 minutes ago, EskeRahn said:

    AFAIK, it is only minor details that makes it different, like a different keyboard mount (it covers the screws) i'm not sure what else is different. It got no imei, so I can not use it as a phone, so some of the phone antennas might be missing too without me noticing..

    oooh ok...so maybe is missing whole baseband...just like on live demo units 🙂

  3. Hmmm i mean that boot animation can be only in portrait...orientation sensor is enabled after fully booted os.


    ...you must made something like orientation neutral animation....like rotating logo on center 😉


    edit....badly written...you can made animation in landscape or portrait....but orientation is fixed

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  4. @DieBruine


    wrong and wrong 🙂

    1) microphone is not on top display part - microphone is 1cm right near usb connector (small hole).

    2) here is nothing to bend for better mic contact. Mic is digital (4-5pin) and is soldered directly to flex/pcb.

    What can be bad...flex cable connector (i mean flex cable to usbc,speaker ect) can be littlebit disconnected on mainboard (I do not think so), or microphone can be fall down after phone fall to the ground , or can be damaged ( water, dust etc).

    Solution...solder new microphone...if it doesn't help will be needed to check audio ic/driver.



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  5. I have misterious problem. My volume keys stopped working with off screen on all apps - youtube, eleven player etc. I can still control next/prev. song with long press. When screen is on all works fine? I have found only " volume rocker wake" .Anyone have idea how to fix it?

  6. 1 minute ago, EskeRahn said:

    Oh indeed, already bought a few as spares on AliExpress to have in stock should I ever need them.

    My point was the full assembly might not be that unreasonable priced, as the tag isolated could indicate.

    What the price for a qualified technician to swap a display would be would off course vary around the world, but here in Denmark I highly doubt I could have someone else do the swap for less than $100+shipping,
    So for those without the skills (or a skilled friend) the whole assembly could easily be an attractive alternative with lower risk.

    Not saying that anyone should do one or the other. But after a few heated days I'm a little tired of people blaming FxTec in all kind of ways.

    wauuuu...i want to live in Denmark 😄 

    If you mean $100 for all or for only work?

    I am service technician for more than 15 years and nobody here in czech gives me 50 for work.

    Reality is...approx $35 for one hour work (without vat) in authorised service...and service technician have from it around 15 mabe.

    I have my own service and my price for customers is approx 25-30...but if is it work for another company then it is 15-20.

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  7. 9 minutes ago, EskeRahn said:

    I bet the number produced for the S10, have at the least three zeroes extra, so not unexpected that they can do it cheaper...

    Anyway the $219 offer it is a bit more than the display. Also frame, narcissistic camera, sensors, pcb and not the least assembly, it all adds up. And the offer includes a battery too.

    So sure it is a lot of money to shell out if a display breaks, but I doubt they have a high profit margin on them.

    ...if i will have cracked display with cracked frame and broken flex then yess...i will buy whole unit...because is not another way.

    But if will be cracked only display then is better to order only display and then fix it ...

    Elefone display can be purchased for around $50 - maybe less...and yess...it can come defective unit...but defective unit can come from fxtec too.

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  8. If you want to glue rounded display into frame, then use gel glue with good temperature resistance.

    From my own experience I can not recommend chinese glue like B7000 etc. Better is use transparent pattex gel glue...only disadvantage is long time waiting for hardening - approx 2hours fixed-5hours fully fixed. 

    ...and yess $250 for display unit is crazy price!!!

    It is same price as for new original (and always working) display for S10 samsung.

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  9. On 5/12/2020 at 11:42 AM, EskeRahn said:

    Just got the above in the mail today, and it is a good fit in both portrait and landscape AND has the benefit mounted in a car to fit almost any phablet with a short edge between 64 and 88mm.

    To use while charging in portrait, I will suggest to make a small cut in one of the feet.2038628361_IMG_20200512_10232601.thumb.jpg.52643c57c1f8c2ac2088e099fbc26e07.jpg

    (Note that in portrait the 'toes' does not catch the edge of the display-part of a Pro1, but it still can not fall out)

    delivered this holder today....but was really needed some modding because fx is too thick



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  10. 3 minutes ago, EskeRahn said:

    AFAIK this legal obligation only goes if the vendor acknowledges that something was wrong, and fixed (or replaced) the unit.

    ...And who knows where we stand with that sort of fineprint after Brexiit??
    My GUESS would be that it still holds for buys from before the Brexit, but I could be wrong. They MIGHT now just hold to any address in the UK of our choice....

    ...correct...if you have invoice for puchase before brexit then all is logically ok.

    ...with shipping to authorised service is it tested by me many times (from czech to motorola in us)...only one time-when delivery company was fedex was needed to show communication with service

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  11. 4 hours ago, Slion said:

    Maybe it would make sense for FxTec to partner with someone in the EU to handle repairs.

    ...i mean that it will be maybe harder cooperation 😞



    You will not pay any add fees if is phone sent and returned from authorised service 🙂

  12. ...I dont know what happens (and why) with los. Cyanogenmod and then Lineage was full of customisations to which I was accustomed. I dont know from which version - my last daily used version was 14.1. Now is los more clean...for new users it is good...because they don't know nothing about old functions 🙂  For me personally are custom settings really needed. I have on fx aosp extended for two months...it have all from lineage deleted functions + some more 🙂


    ...soo thanks to @tdm for another rom for fx 🙂

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