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  1. 9 hours ago, agent008 said:

    If anyone can help me with the screen update package I'll be grateful. I was foolish enough to install a new screen without visiting the forum and this thread. Turns out the stock OTA updates are not working anymore and now I have a phone with a beautiful new screen that doesn't work (no touch at all!) and I can't solve it. Besides my hardware keyboard stopped working a couple weeks ago, so the only way I can use the phone now is by plugging an external mouse and keyboard... 😪

    Hmmm it sounds littlebit hard to remote help you. For me it looks like display touch problem. Because i have not hear about fully not working touch...have you visually checked display unit ?...then all flex cables and connectors?

    Here can be problems with touch ... but problems like shifted touch, no touch on edges etc.

    about keyboard it looks like hw problem too - was keyboard water spilled?...how about connector? 

    ...will be needed more informations about your phone

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  2. Hello, i have writen small tutorial here 

    ....or you can order whole bottom board directly from fxtec...but it will be long waiting for it.

    Directly charging battery is not good idea...you can littlebit charge it with laboratory power supply , but is needed to watch whole charging process.

    Fx dont have qi charging.

    Water inside connector is problem, but it is not whole problem - you must open phone and clean all an resolder all visually coroded parts.

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  3. 2 minutes ago, VaZso said:

    Order a display for Elephone U Pro then find somebody who can do the replacement for you if you did not do similar job earlier.

    The process is much easier than other phones.

    However, such displays on Aliexpress usually have one/two small problems (dark places) at display edges but otherwise these are working displays.

    heh...i have dark edges on display from start using my fx 🙂

  4. 1 hour ago, VaZso said:

    True - missing pins (soldering pads) are a common problem of mechanically disconnected solderings.

    It may still happen that second row had released solderings for me although I do not see it is mechanically moving or at least not the outer case of my connector.

    These are very thin wires and soldering pads so there is a high chance if connection releases, then soldering pad will break.

    Also there is a chance for damaging soldering pads during the removal of connector as if soldering was not melted at all wires when connector was removed, that will easily tear off the soldering pad itself.

    It was much easier to re-wire missing soldering pads of mechanically broken micro USB connectors anyway as it had much fewer pins. 🙂

    ...exactly as you say...thats why i hate c connectors...and work on it.

    Sometime are pads too smashed and is impossible to make bypass for all missing pins...then is solution made bypass only for data and charging.

    On removing...use around 330celsius and head connector from top...it must be really fully released. If is near microphone, then cover it with kapton tape and if mic have hole on another mobo side then cover this hole too...mic can be smashed really quickly with hot air!

    ...then remove all old tin from holes for connector frame.Put new tin on all pads(same amount - not too much), put on it really small amount of solder flux (i use warton smd rework jelly).

    Now it is littlebit tricky...put connector into cleaned holes, fix board AND heat it with hotair from another side - heat it through board - and only with 250C...and wait - connector must "sit down". Finally solder connector frame with classic soldering station.


    Thats all..

    Simple 🙂


    ....sorry my english is not good for long stories 🙂

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  5. On 4/24/2022 at 1:36 AM, VaZso said:

    I don't know if T-XXXX glue's temperature dependence was the cause of my last screen problem (which lived longer than my stock screen) as it looked to be still holding relatively well, but I know this kind of glue and I also have an almost empty tube of Palmatex Pattex glue at home which is a good glue for gluing flexible materials but I have simply did not think of using it for screen fixing and everybody wrote about T-XXXX.

    However, I have replaced my screen again last Sunday and now I have used Pattex for fixing.

    I also had a USB port problem since a lot of months and I have not received the promised replacement board yet but the connector became completely unusable - I mean it was only charging in a very limited positions and a lot of times it lost charging about one or two hours later, so it usually could not charge overnight anymore also using different tricks...

    I have disassembled the phone to see if it has soldering problems (as I felt I can move charging connector sideways to charge a bit) but the problem was not like this at all, soldering was intact and it was not moving.
    I have tried to clean its connectors inside anyway without success, it was simply worn.

    So I had to disassemble my spare phone which was imperfect since the very first time I received it (arrived with cracked display frame and excessive rattling) but I did not want to disassemble it, I simply had to do in order to have a working USB panel. 😞

    So, currently I have a fully working Pro1 and another one disassembled waiting for a replacement USB board.

    Anyway, does anybody have an idea what kind of USB connector they are using?
    I have asked them in e-mail so if we may have a chance to replace the connector itself but they did not respond.

    Here the connector is:


    The plastic part of the connector did not look this ugly but I have tried to resolder these pins in order to see if it helps anything (so if it may has a brittle fracture not seen by eye but it did not change anything).

    So what I find interesting is it has 2x6 pins but also a gap in-between and I have not found any connectors which has a gap in the middle at all... the number on top of this connector is 1811807.

    Looks like this connector have hidden one row of pins...it must be soldered with hotair or infrared.

    ...post photo of another side...are visible pins?

    you have visible 6pin - gap - 6pin correct?

    Check my pic what i mean



    EDIT...check this :

    Bez názvu.png

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  6. I cannot reccomend t-8000 or any t/d-8000-7000 etc glues. They have problems on sumer temperatures 😞

    If you are in europe, then buy pattex 100% gel....by me is tested on hundreds phones 🙂

    if you want something more and more better, then you must buy glue for car windscreen....it is really best, but is with it bad work you will be really dirty 😉


    ....soo pattex


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  7. hmmm...i have question. My phone runs on aicp rom and i have problem with something like low respond on swipe - unlock phone etc.

    I have manytime problem with unlock...i must swipe slowly .

    All others works fine...i can touch without problem on any place on screen.


    Can it be display problem .... or maybe aicp problem?

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