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  1. Same problem is on many phones with los20 😞

    You can test older version of footej camera.



    BTW any solution for slow wake up phone ? I can wake up display, but i must wait few seconds for unlock. Same problem is with incomming call.

    Maybe is it caused by something like deep sleep processor?


  2. ok....soo on water smashed phones is it littlebit hard.

    Can you post me some good pics of phone parts? At first all flex connectors - on mobo, on flex on both sides, on display pcb (all connectors - display connector too).

    ...then good photo of whole mainboard (both sides)

    *fxtec ... and approx all other phones dont have separate gpu...it is all on SOC...soo inside processor.

    ...good question is - it is Pro1 or Pro1X?

    Approx all can be repaired...and for 90% it will be problem on amoled vcc lines.

    Sometime can help resolder water smashed lines...sometime will be needed some reballing...and sometime is needed to reballing whole qc soc...and this is very hard work.



  3. 3 hours ago, Wheeljack said:

    This has been annoying me since LOS 16. My Pro1 has never properly worked with my Audi MMI and my parents' VW Golf. Will test ASAP.

    Edit: Nope. Sadly I still don't get telephone audio though my car stereo.

    hmm interesting. I have in vw caddy mk4 original stereo with navi and all looks fine now. ...was no problem from los 17.1

  4. I have found problem with bluetooth vs car stereo (by me VW). Music works fine - from youtube, mp3 etc...but i am unable to connect call. Stereo says call connected, but audio still on phone. When is call ended radio stay saying call connected.


    EDIT...maybe solved... Deleted paired device on car stereo, then deleted in phone and then paired on radio again.

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