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  1. ...i still dot have fx, but i will use bromite ( Chromium) - adblock browser 🙂
  2. this is only temporary solution...digitizer is really bad and you need new display unit 😞
  3. you can use camera on another phone for find sensor 🙂
  4. ...and what about set black color for charging? 🙂 EDIT ... correct...not working for charging notification (
  5. i dont know...but why not...led is controlled same way as on other phones. Download free version and test it 🙂
  6. i have purchased pre-curved PET screen protector 🙂 It is for elephone from ali
  7. ...i mean that best app for led colors, flashing etc is LightFlow
  8. this "concept" looks much better for me 🙂 ...teally good idea is e-ink under kb 🙂
  9. oooh here are both 😄
  10. yesss...launchtime (edit lunchtime) is awesome....especial in landscape mode 😄 ...you mean lawnchair 😄 😄 😄
  11. i must say...that for me is now best lawnchair launcher 🙂
  12. ...and now in when streaming videos starts on HEVC codec - less data more quality. i must say that 3g/h is enough for me too...but only problem is with coverage in my country...and now is better coverage for LTE than for 3G. So now is for me better LTE...not for speed but for coverage of usable data connection 🙂
  13. ...question is why is needed 5G? i mean that it is maybe only good for phone when you use phone as hotspot...but for internet inside phone is it not needed because speed is enough.
  14. Question...can anyone with fx test to install this audio mod driver / app ? It is Viper4Android https://labs.xda-developers.com/store/app/com.pittvandewitt.viperfx For me it is really needed app for really good audio output from phone, but i am not sure if it can works on stock FX firmware. It works without problem on lineage. Check if is under driver status NEON enabled, Normal status and processing yes EDIT...i know that it is not exactly about qwerty and landscape
  15. ...i have #36xxx too without igg...and still nothing 😞 only good is that my xt896 is still (approx) alive 🙂 i have writted to fx support and they told me that my phone will be delivered util end of January or on mid of februar. iphone style " sent from my motorola xt896 " 😄
  16. i have idea...what would be really cool...if @Erik - when say that xyz batch is prepared to shipping...will be cool to made photo of the batch.Maybe then will be all of preordered users at rest. Its soo simple 🙂 Sorry for bad english
  17. ...maybe i know where is problem...it is not about cpu/chipset performance...it is about phone price vs hw specs. BUT...i mean that 90% of users cannot see any difference between qc 835 and 855 with 6GB RAM...maybe it is visible on antutu and maybe will be littlebit less battery consumption...but thats all. On 835 you can still play latest games, record 4k videos atc. QUESTION IS...for what is needed really last chipset with XYZ RAM? 95% of users have phone only for facebuk, mesenger, wacap and maybe for camera...thats all. ...AND security ?...yesss that is user problem SOO ony VISIBLE problem is fx1 price vs latest hardware...but you will have KEYBOARD PHONE!!! btw...i have at home PC with old 2gen i7 2600K (approx 8years old processor!!!) with nvidia gtx1060...and yes - i can play latest games in full resolution and details 🙂 ...and my laptop is Vaio VPCZ1 with 1st gen i7! 😄
  18. ...i mean brand new flex cable 🙂
  19. BUT...as i say on other topic...Best (for me) quality kb phone was Droid1 (milestone)...then was D2/D2G/milestone2...not bad but too plastic and fragile....BUT bestest was DROID3 !!! coool design, good 5Row keyboard and metal frame!!!! Droid 4 was not bad but small display compare its size...and pentile display
  20. D4 have same problems with flex cable...but little not good difference...D4 have flex soldered and glued directly into display....photon have flex cable in connector BUT...now is photon too old and os not possible to buy it really brand new 😄
  21. oki ...this is maybe solution...maybe glue sliding together 😄
  22. i have world oldest simmodded photon of the world...with second flex cable...it is extra "vintage" 😄
  23. i still...but my photon flex cable wont wait 😞
  24. when / if will be my fx delivered , then i will make some comparision pictures with 9000,9210 ...thats will be cool 🙂 EDIT...and maybe with SE mini PRO 😄
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