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  1. Yup the Camera connector had come off, I had dropped the phone, it must have landed just right. its the one indicated with the arrow, there is another connector just below and to the right in the photo, once I disconnected that, the Camera connector popped up from the board. But it looks a bit askew in the close up photos.
  2. Hi, just considering taking my pro1 apart, the main camera has stopped working (just shows black) then the app exits. I cannot see A connector in the Teardown photos, is it possible it could have come loose?
  3. Is this it? https://forum.xda-developers.com/apps/google-camera-mods/gcam-google-pixel-1-2-3-t3875663
  4. Sorry let me re phrase that, "thumbs would be slow for me". I am not fast on any keyboard, never learned to touch type, I use a dvorak on my PC at home. I have never owned a screen only phone, so never used thumbs on the screen, so never got into that habit. Also on the screen I make to many errors. when on the move I have the phone in one hand & type with the other. on A bench I use both hands but probably only use 3 or four fingers most of the time, the same as I do on a full size key board.
  5. I don't get this thumb typing thing... Have never used just my thumbs on the pro 1, or my old D4 for that matter, it would be so slow. From reading about the Cosmo on other places seems the software has many bugs... sorry, many more bugs.
  6. I have noticed that my card will stop working after some time, and a reboot will make it show again.
  7. My SD seems to disconnect after some time, if I pull & reinsert it, it will show, & initially it did not show. I suspect the skt.
  8. Been Playing OpenTyrian, & Pinball Pro, now just need to try UAE but I'd have to have a BT joy pad etc as screen controls sux.
  9. After one day of use the sticker on the back is unreadable, I cannot tell what my serial number is now.
  10. Or perhaps I just had to "Turn it Off and On again" d:-)
  11. Ok, its working now. I have to assume its to do with the update that just came through? It was working with other apps etc. I checked it several times... any way is all good now.
  12. Have noticed that in landscape, pulling down all the way from the top results in the settings icon being off the bottom of the screen, you have to close the keyboard to use it. Could this pull down be wider in Landscape?
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