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  1. First... great job! For these test print, it looks really good. +1 covered buttons with silicone.
  2. Yes, August 21, QWERTZ, no IGG, no email
  3. Just an update. Today I received the in-ear´s. No I don't have test it 🙂 The cable is "black transparent". [Pre-Order | IGG | QWERTZ]
  4. And now? https://lastgadgetstanding.com/competitions/2020-2/entries/pro1/
  5. 100% The WOWCube got the 15k votes in 1 week or the ThermArt with 8k votes in also about one week. Well, we´re on place 5.
  6. hi zvonimir, chen is again on the way to the factory in China. If you would like to update the fw, then I could help you. If..please send me a DM 🙂
  7. I will vote again in the next days, but I´m not sure how often. Perhaps 200-300 times, because It is time consuming... 😷 Edit: We are not a finalist 2020 ?!? Ok, I will not vote more 😕
  8. We need votes! We have a new player "ClearUP...". 500x votes in 5 days, but currently we're no. 1. Keep voting !!!
  9. I take a little break. Before this year ends we will have 1000 votes.
  10. My first order was for my girlfriend. Well, you're not alone 😉
  11. Yes, I can confirm this!
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