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  1. On 9/16/2022 at 6:41 AM, lg05lg said:

    I ordered via the website in June 2022. Should I have any reason to expect that if/when the phones do start shipping in December, mine will be fulfilled then?

    Do realise you are really late to the party. I don't see how you would get your phone before December 2023. Unless they somehow unfairly prioritize website orders over IGGs.

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  2. 1 hour ago, valyo_bg said:

    but hardware of Pro1x will be very outdated when/if delivery occur

    I don't think that's very relevant for smartphones at this stage. Can you name one thing you would do with a 2022 mid-range smartphone that you could not do with a Pro1X?

    Having said that I understand your frustration and that makes me wonder if I should also ask for a refund… I sent F(x)tec an e-mail last week asking them to change my layout from AZERTY to QWERTY since their AZERTY design is so weak anyway... I figure the QWERTY could be delivered sooner and will be easier to resell too, if need be.

    1 hour ago, valyo_bg said:

    Will inform when receive money back, just for the record 🙂 .

    Please do let us know how that goes.

  3. Assuming you are talking about the Pro¹X. It's not surprising, quite the opposite. Putting together the hardware and running Android on it is the easy part. Although the keyboard form factor makes it harder than most I guess. What's tricky is to get it all to work optimally and even huge international corporations sometimes fail at that so we would be very lucky to have best connectivity with the Pro¹X especially on day one.

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  4. On 6/14/2022 at 6:51 PM, Tommi69 said:
    Due to the large inner display of the Fold 3, the keyboard can be emulated very large and clearly
    on the lower half of the screen. Probably even more comfortable than on the Fx Pro1. 😅



    The problem with this, is that it is just for typing text not controlling your phone like you do with a keyboard, think ctrl + tab and other shortcuts. I wonder if you could develop such a mode where the virtual keyboard is sticky. There is that and the fact that the front screen is way too narrow on the Fold.

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  5. 16 hours ago, Rob. S. said:

    "Working on their next phone" might not be that absurd after all... If everything would have gone well with the Pro1, I suppose 2021 would have been the proper year to introduce a Pro2 anyway... And with the kind of stopgap the Pro1X has become and all the additional design work that had become necessary now done, I suppose that, commercially, getting a new, attractive phone ready is really the most import thing for them now... 

    Of course you are right. I'm just venting my frustration at them having too little resources to invest in proper keyboard layouts which is somewhat central to that hardware...

    Hopefully their next hardware replaces the keyboard prints layer with a flexible OLED screen for maximum layout customisation.

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  6. So it looks like FxTec is still hard at work designing the X and when I asked them to review their AZERTY design a couple of months ago they said they can't do that because they are already working on their next phone... I call bullshit 🤣

    Basically they are so all over their heads just getting the basic phone features working that they don't have the resources to actually work on proper keyboard layouts. They also brilliantly fail at using their community to do it for them.

    You can tell I'm still quite frustrated that they use my original AZERTY proposal without getting in touch first and ignoring the work I put on since to come up with a superior alternative 😞

    Also it looks like quite many things have been redesigned since the One. The USB board is unlikely to be compatible then... Unless the interface is still the same.

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  7. 2 hours ago, mbecroft said:

    Well, damn. It most certainly *is* the battery...

    You should really decommission that phone. Open it up, remove the battery, assess the damages and ask fxtec support for spare parts. Use another phone until you can get this fixed one way or another. Order a Pro1X if not already done. Then wait 2 years for it to be delivered 😭

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  8. On 12/21/2021 at 10:13 PM, OKSun said:

    What were the main reasons for your change to Lineage? I understand it solves the "I cannot modify the call volume issue." I am interested since you gave a long try to the pro 1 with stock Android.

    My stock Android 9 was working fine but I missed things like proper dark mode and full screen gesture navigation. LOS is far from bug free though. For instance I recently noticed one of my SIM cards won't receive calls when 4G is enabled. That is a major showstopper if you ask me. I have not bothered reporting that issue outside of those forum yet.

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  9. On 11/13/2021 at 7:51 PM, Tsunero said:

    I dunno about the X but the OG Pro1 still holds up very well imo (but that has the stronger SD835 in it). I have been using it for a good 1.5 year now and it's still quite snappy. I just hate that stock is neglected and forgotten but maybe one day I'll move on to Lineage.

    I moved to Lineage OS 18.1 last summer and it's awesome but it takes skills and time to get it done the way you want. Though I would prefer an updated stock running the latest Android mostly because that means less work to maintain it. 

  10. 29 minutes ago, VaZso said:

    For me (when I have tried), enabling VoLTE allows me to initiate a call but phone doesn't ringing althought it rings for the caller.

    Sounds like our issue. Unfortunately none of my SIMs are showing the VoLTE option or that Advanced Calling option which is like exactly the same it seems. Though If I do a Settings search for LTE those options are showing in the search result and links you to the SIM settings page.

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