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  1. My history looks like this Motorola GSM candy bar thing (you could use AA batteries in an emergency) Motorola StarTac Sony Ericsson P800 Nokia 9500 (my favourite) Htc TyTn Htc Touch (the one with just a phone keypad) Nokia N900 Nexus S Nexus 4 Lumia 520 Lumia 640 Nokia 5.1 plus (emergency buy as the Lumia died before fxtec could ship) Think thats all of them although I can't feeling I've missed one or two (probably an XDA and an Android)
  2. Hmm,,,, I've had a unit in my hands at the fxtec office in London, it's an elaborate scam if so. Manufacturing in Shenzhen can be very hit and miss (I've been involved in the past with chinese vendors) so I'm not surprised at some of the delays particularly if a bigger customer wants that production line. Given the latest video says 4-5 hours of assembly time I can understand some of the pressures here and customs can always throw a spanner in the works. I'm slightly unhappy that money was taken with such a gap to shipping but meh that's in line with a long tradition of hi-tech in the UK (think Sinclair) and it's been a lot better than most KickStarters. At this stage I'm more than happy to wait for a week or two while stuff wends it's way from China to the UK (assuming I'm in the first batch) Frankly I'd be amazed if you've actually placed an order.
  3. Depends on where the office is for me but the actual date is fine.
  4. Well I'm with EskeRahn on the numbers row, I always hated on the N900 having to shift to get at them when particularly when adding someone to a contacts list. It also made using the terminal built in to the N900 surprisingly hard work. I'm not all that bothered about curved screens or overall size but I hope this happens as I think it's a better alternative to the cosmo which seems to be a bit flawed as a phone. Anyway I placed my order on launch day and right now I wish the crew all the best. Getting that first batch of hardware manufactured is a hard task and I just need my current phone to last long enough.
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