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  1. That used to be mainly at the time each carrier had their own customized software (i.e. one for AT&T, one for Verzion, one for T-Mobile etc.), which each having a release on its own schedule. Nowadays this is no longer the trend (although still exists).
  2. Hmm, I don't see any OTA. And trying to update from SDCard fails.
  3. @tdm can you actually compile ABL? Perhaps a good idea would be to enable "fastboot boot" command.
  4. So how bad is IMS support on Lineage when it comes to Qualcomm nowadays? I remember (back from a few years back) that Qualcomm BSP wasn't as bad to get VoLTE etc. up unlike on Samsung.
  5. That's because secure boot is not enabled on the device and the device behaves like a prototype. Usually that means that PBL will accept XBL signed also by a dev-key (or not at all) and XBL and onward stages will check if secure boot is enabled and won't bother checking for valid signatures any further. This is the usual behaviour for many other phones when they don't have secure boot enabled (are prototypes). I actually wonder if secure boot is disabled also on baseband. If that's the case that might pave a way to get the device working with Verizon.
  6. Thanks. It's just easier to start off userdebug build for people who'd want to play with the stock firmware for the moment (i.e. want to disable verity etc.). Things like "adb root" with proper selinux policy etc.
  7. I see. Could you also provide an userdebug build?
  8. Just for me to understand: this rom contains all the physical keyboard / launcher tweaks that can be found on stock ROM? And is this an userdebug build? Also, why can't you just do this "fastboot flash --disable-verity --disable-verification vbmeta_a vbmeta.img" to disable verity and then install gapps (feels like that from OP). And speaking of disabled secure boot - is there a way to boot the device into PBL without having to disassemble it (i.e. when people are repartitioning etc.)? EDIT: Yeah I see the filename, it's user build.
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